How zero trust solves the 'weakest link' problem

Many government agencies currently have components of zero trust already in their infrastructure, including identity credential and access management and continuous monitoring, so moving to a comprehensive zero trust model would just strengthen what is already there.

Spy chief sees 2020 election security as 'number one goal'

Gen. Nakasone's remarks come as a group of former senior officials seek funds to counter the "extraordinary challenges" posed by coronavirus pandemic and foreign interference to state and local election administrators.

Report: Lax cybersecurity at CIA unit led to Vault 7 leaks

An internal CIA report pins the theft of valuable hacking tools in 2016 on a workplace culture that didn't do enough to emphasize cybersecurity.

How petabytes are crushing the security classification system

The official in charge of overseeing the federal government's information classification policy is warning that the current system is beginning to break – and he wants help and money to fix it.

Sue Gordon resigns as ODNI deputy

The second highest ranking intelligence official in the federal government resigned, leaving the top two positions at ODNI without permanent leadership. The move coincides with the departure of ODNI chief Dan Coats, as President Trump looks to reshape the intelligence community.

Data-crunching spies of the future

The U.S. intelligence community is attempting to transform the way it uses and manages digital information.

JEDI and C2E: Is it worth comparing the DOD and ODNI cloud plans?

The intelligence community's top IT official said that DOD is "where we were five years ago" when the CIA opted to pursue a single vendor, single cloud solution.

CIA looks to partner with tech

With China gaining ground in high tech, the CIA sees industry partnerships as increasingly important.

Can the IC police foreign disinformation on social media?

The latest Intelligence Authorization bill includes $30 million for a new research center where social media companies, researchers and journalists work together to study and expose online disinformation campaigns.

CIA plans multibillion cloud buy for intelligence community

Six years after their initial cloud infrastructure push, the CIA is leading a multivendor expansion of cloud services for the entire intelligence community, with awards expected in 2021.

GSA simplifies geospatial data buys

GSA teamed up with the NGA to make it quicker and easier for federal agencies to get earth observation data.

Lawmakers seek answers on security application release by USPS

Two Democrats on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee want details on how a former CIA officer's federal security clearance application ended up in the hands of a political action committee.

Intel chiefs: No direction from Trump on election security

At a Senate hearing, three intelligence chiefs acknowledged the White House has not specifically directed them to dedicate resources towards securing election infrastructure, but told lawmakers they are still focused on addressing the issue.

Trump names top IC CIO

CIA open source leader John Sherman has been tapped to serve as CIO of the intelligence community.

Unclassified ICITE on the horizon

The intelligence community's cloud-based computing platform is moving into more broadly accessible realms, according to the ODNI's top tech official.

Former fed and contractor charged with spying for China

A mobile device tipped off feds to a Virginia man who now faces life in prison on charges of passing classified national defense information to Chinese intelligence agents.

What the PATCH Act doesn't do

Proponents of the current Vulnerabilities Equities Process say the proposed PATCH Act will likely improve the process, but it is just one piece of a larger cybersecurity puzzle.