Collaboration Tools

Rising Star: Kimberly Allred

Kimberly Allred, a program analyst at the State Department, oversaw development of key knowledge management platforms.

Collaboration: The key to solving common management problems

A white paper details strategies to solve two common challenges for federal managers.

DISA strategic plan focuses on enterprise, cybersecurity and efficiencies

The latest document is part of a new, multi-layered planning methodology for DISA.

Are wartime innovation principles relevant after the war?

Joint explosives organization faces an uncertain post-Afghanistan future, but its CIO hopes that the culture it created will survive and continue to serve the government.

The bright side of budget cuts

Fiscal pressures are forcing the military branches to collaborate and share, potentially leading to smarter, better IT projects, leaders say.

Vet health progress propelled by partnership, vision and IT

The DOD and VA are focused on finding the right technology to serve troops over a lifetime -- even with bumps along the way -- and those closest to the effort say the stumbles are leading to progress.

Tech needs to keep same pace at work as home, feds say

Feds are excited about technology, but a majority wish the products at work could keep up with the changes in technology in their personal lives.

DISA, Army mark enterprise e-mail progress with new milestone

DISA claims half a million accounts migrated to cloud service, predicts on-schedule completion.

Monitoring employees online: How much is too much?

Software allows agencies to monitor what employees do on a computer down to the keystroke, but where is the line between legitimate security needs and intrusion?

Industry members laud Digital Government Strategy

The framework to transform the government to better suit 21st-century needs gets nods from private-sector IT professionals.

Is mobility the way out of customer satisfaction stagnation?

Consumers are largely satisfied with federal websites, but their opinions seem to be unchanging. Could more attention to mobility nudge the numbers upward?

DOD's new policy 'likes' social media, but with caveats

DOD is in a race against technology to maintain authority and security amid the explosion of social media.

Federal employees union opens digital door to members

AFGE members will have easy access to updates from the organization thanks to its adoption of some new-ish technologies.

Confessions of a PowerPoint convert

A reluctant professor finds that PowerPoint presentations can enhance the quality of his teaching.

3 tips to make the most of wikis

Wikis have become an integral part of agencies' effort to share and manage information, but using them well requires some changes of habit.

Why telework doesn't always work

Federal agencies are pushing for telework as a way to function during emergencies, but widespread power, telephone and Internet outages could undermine that vision.

NASA reveals IT reform progress

A year after releasing a strategic IT management plan, NASA's CIO touts progress.