Editorial: How to assemble a CTO

Given the right role and authority, the CTO could prove to be a valuable asset to the president and an ally of the CIOs.

Welles: Be patient as transition unfolds

Some proven advice can help federal employees weather the changes a new administration brings.

Kelman: Young workers like some rules

Agencies can keep employees longer with rules that guide but don’t confine creativity.

McDonough: How to make the jump to industry

Some tips on how to find a satisfying and financially rewarding job in the private sector.

Kelman: Management trumps oversight

Contracting oversight should not be mistaken for good management.

Editorial: A new day for CIOs

The Obama administration has indicated that chief information officers should be career employees.

Allen and Alston: Delex case won’t hurt schedules

GAO decision shows advantages of schedules program.

Petrillo: Keep watch on ‘rule of two’

A recent ruling by GAO could have far-reaching ramifications for IDIQ contracts.

Editorial: Acquisition on the agenda

The federal government will pay a price for not shoring up its acquisition workforce.

Editorial: The case for the status quo

Career feds must find a way to convince the new team to retain initiatives that are worth preserving.

Petrillo: Did McCain mean it on cost-plus?

McCain must know that a ban on cost-plus contracts is impractical and won’t solve the overrun problem.

Burton: Cost-plus: The debate never ends

Cost-plus contracts have utility, and the government should use them when appropriate.

Editorial: A call for nominations

Federal Computer Week begins accepting nominations for the 2009 Federal 100 awards program this week.

Schlarman: New FISMA is the wrong solution

Revised legislation should sink and not resurface until the next administration and Congress take office.

Burton: Past performance, future results

Agencies should make better use of information on contractors’ previous work, but it starts with better records.

Editorial: MAS panel on right track

GSA has a vested interest in ensuring the Multiple Award Schedule program runs as effectively as possible.

Welles: Fiscal year follies

The start of a new fiscal year offers an opportunity for dialogue about what lies ahead.