Communications Equipment

Would shutdown cut the digital tether?

If the government shuts down, employees must surrender their government-issued hardware.

App of the week: The Qik way to share video from iPhones

Skype is cooking up new solutions for video calls between iOS and Android devices by leveraging Qik, a live video streaming company it acquired in January.

Kundra's cell phone plan panned

Vivek Kundra’s idea to give feds a $2,000 smart phone subsidy prompted a sober-minded pushback from readers.

Kundra's $2,000 mobile subsidy: What can it really get you?

In a casual aside at an AFCEA breakfast in late February, federal CIO Vivek Kundra mentioned the possibility of a $2,000 subsidy for federal employee mobile purchases. Is $2,000 enough? Let's look at the numbers.

Device of the week: Motorola Xoom

Introducing Dan's Device Of The Week. Today: the Motorola Xoom, the first tablet-optimized Android Honeycomb device.

iPad 2: What can it really do for your agency?

Everyone is talking about the iPad 2, but where's the killer app for government?

Agencies must determine computer security teams in face of potential federal shutdown

The number of essential IT staff members needed during a government shutdown would be much larger than in the monthlong furlough of 1995. Then, the focus was not on guarding the nation's systems against a cyberattack.

Army IT Agency pushes technology transformation

The Army IT Agency is pushing transformation in data center consolidation and unified communications.

How to be a black belt with your BlackBerry

Follow these tips for being more efficient and making the most of your smart phone.

Scrambling the message: AT&T launches encrypted voice service for feds

New encryption technology offers secure calls for government, law enforcement users.

Army tests electronic, updatable manuals for the field

The Army is testing a variety of applications and devices, including a Kindle, six iPads and an Entourage Edge, as potential platforms for battlefield systems manuals.

NASA makes 3G iPhone available to employees

NASA has added 3G iPhones to its Outsourcing Desktop Initiative list that makes the devices available to employees.

iPhones, commercial satellites prominent in joint DOD exercise

The Defense Department interoperability exercise stresses flexible networking and new uses for existing technology.

Cell-All smarter phone is DHS' version of the Tricorder

DHS is looking to the telecommunications side of mobile phones to help it develop the "Cell-All" smartphone that features a sensor capable of detecting deadly chemicals.

iPad: 10 reasons feds should be eager

The GCN Lab finds 10 reasons why feds will love the iPad, starting with a couple of things it doesn't have.

iPad: 10 reasons feds should be wary

The GCN Lab has offered 10 reasons(plus a bonus reason) why iPads would be good for government use. But what's right for one user isn't always right for another. So here are 10 reasons why government employees might want to take a pass.

DOD's reliance on commercial satellites hits new zenith

The military's ad hoc reliance on commercial satellites is prolonging efforts to meet warfighters' urgent demands for bandwidth.