OPM faces uncertain funding prospects

The federal government’s human resources agency is still dealing with budget shortfalls arising from moving background checks to the Department of Defense, and the prospect of a full-year continuing resolution could exacerbate existing pressures.

Senators want FCC inquiry into Stingray use

Several Democratic senators sent a letter asking the FCC to determine whether law enforcement agencies' use of cell-site simulators is disrupting regular phone service.

Blockchain gains congressional support

Blockchain now has its own congressional caucus to raise awareness among lawmakers and advance policy discussions around the technology for tracking bitcoin transactions.

VA ordering system looks like when we 'first started using computers'

Lawmakers are eager to see update to the Department of Veterans Affair's procurement processes, which GAO describes as "outdated and fragmented."

Missed deportee fingerprints spark legislation

A new bill would force DHS to digitize all fingerprint records in the wake of an embarrassing oversight report.

Lawmakers want cyber on the agenda at the G20 summit in China

Six U.S. lawmakers sent a letter to the president asking him to prioritize a discussion of cyberattacks on financial institutions during his upcoming trip to China.

Will the MEGABYTE Act save money?

The MEGABYTE Act enshrines key Obama administration IT initiatives into law and promises to save at least $2 billion a year on software spending -- assuming implementation goes according to plan.

Lawmakers want automated tax-compliance check

Top-ranking members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee are asking about the status of an automated system to check on the tax debt of security clearance applicants.

House panel wants update on Census IT risks

As the 2020 enumeration draws ever closer, key lawmakers want assurances that the Census Bureau is managing risks in IT acquisition.

No, GPO doesn't have to print your secure IDs

Companies say agencies are losing access to innovation by giving secure credential work to GPO, in an apparent misreading of the law.

Former House Intel chair: Info sharing could start in 30 days

The former Michigan representative lamented the lack of cybersecurity information sharing, and said if we could put politics aside, the nation would be safer in very short order.

Closing cybersecurity's race gap

Government leaders speak frankly about how mentorship for young minority talent could help bridge the nation's cybersecurity skills gap.

Grassley tries to revive 'going dark' legislative fix

The Obama administration may have shelved a legislative plan to force firms to decrypt communications, but Iowa Republican Sen. Charles Grassley is not having it.

Panel hits DHS on fusion centers

Designed to enable information-sharing among law enforcement agencies at various levels of government, fusion centers have instead become 'part of the problem,' Senate panel charges.

How to get along with Congress

Testifying before a congressional committee doesn’t have to be an ordeal. These tips can help agency leaders stay calm and focused under fire.

Is cybersecurity legislation still alive?

Although Congress couldn't agree on cybersecurity legislation earlier this year, at least one member insists it's still possible.

Continuing resolution heads for President Obama’s desk

Despite squabbling that lasted until the last minute, the Senate passed a continuing resolution to provide funding for six more months.