Veterans Affairs committee Dems offer bills to streamline VA operations

The two proposals would seek to consolidate business functions at the agency and independently verify and validate IT modernization efforts.

New bills look to help small water systems tap cybersecurity help

New legislation looks to set aside $10 million to help subsidize fees for small utilities to join the Water Information Sharing and Analysis Center.

Federal procurement is poised for reform—here's what to keep in mind

Increased collaboration between the private and public sectors will help all parties involved understand how best to modernize government systems while minimizing potential disruptions to critical operations.

Top senator says modernizing VA’s EHR 'is not optional'

After leading GOP lawmakers introduced legislation to terminate the deployment of VA’s new electronic health record program, Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont.—chairman of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee—said upgrading the system “has to be done.”

House, Senate Dems push bill to prevent the next Schedule F

The latest legislative proposal to block presidents from unilaterally stripping federal workers of their civil service protections creates additional barriers to reclassifying employees.

Inflation, workforce issues challenge defense contractors amid security pivot

The defense industrial base is facing workforce and inflationary headwinds just as the U.S. is refocusing its strategic lens on competition with China and Russia.

White House looks to shore up public trust in government websites

Federal agencies need to use 'memorable' and succinct domain names for government websites, per guidance issued on Wednesday.

House panel presses FAA to speed up modernization

Members of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure pressed an FAA official on what it would take for the agency to modernize faster, including its plans to update a system that caused a nationwide ground stop last month.

Cyberattacks on Energy's National Labs draw lawmaker scrutiny

The attacks, allegedly conducted by Russian-based adversaries, occurred during August and September 2022, potentially exposing sensitive U.S. scientific research.

Government watchdog warns on cyber weakness

The federal government has not yet addressed nearly 150 recommendations previously issued by the Government Accountability Office to help strengthen national cybersecurity, according to a new report.

Congressional Democrats propose an 8.7% pay raise for feds in 2024

The annually introduced bill would provide a 4.7% across-the-board increase in basic pay and an average 4% increase to locality pay.

Fourth time around for vulnerability disclosure bill

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) is taking yet another stab at getting the executive branch to tell Congress more about its process of disclosing (or stockpiling) zero-day bugs.

Defense industry decries possible GOP-led spending cuts

Trade group letter begs lawmakers to avoid another sequestration deal.

New ranking member could shake up a key Senate oversight committee

The libertarian-leaning Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has often butted heads with his own party and the opposing one, denounced federal spending and questioned agency authorities.

House Republicans are looking to cut agencies or specific feds' pay by reviving the 'Holman Rule'

The new Congress already has its eyes set on slashing funding at some agencies, and eliminating others altogether.

Shifting left on day one

An IT modernization bill currently moving in Congress would be improved by a focus on building security into software from the very start of the development lifecycle.