Army adds requirements to logistics system

The Global Combat Support System will give the Army better insights into managing its supplies.

Challenges dog data center consolidation efforts

Agencies report successes on data center consolidations, but challenges continue to put hurdles along the path.

DHS claims strides in cloud, enterprise initiatives

At DHS, progress is being made in cloud offerings and enterprise services, according to CIO Richard Spires.

VanRoekel: IT reform 'a shock to the system'

Less than two years in the making, the plan to transform federal IT management has seen some significant milestones.

IG slams Energy Department for wasting energy

An audit finds the agency overlooked hundreds of data centers in its data center management efforts.

Shared services poised to reshape the federal market

Industry should brace for impact as the government adopts more shared services, CIO warns.

Tougher sledding ahead for data-center consolidation

Now that they’ve closed many of their smaller data centers, agencies are moving on to bigger operations and challenges.

DOD discovers IT consolidation best practices

DOD's IT Enterprise Strategy and Roadmap is designed to streamline defense IT, but insiders wonder if major budget cuts could derail it.

Cloud could squeeze even more savings, says survey

New estimates indicate agencies could save significantly more with cloud computing than they already are.