IG: Transportation has hands full tracking stimulus funds

The attention required to distribute the funds quickly while providing significant oversight will force DOT to limit its focus on transportation safety issues, Calvin Scovel told Congress.

FAA will use software to identify sensitive data

A recent data breach demonstrated how difficult it is for agencies with a large infrastructure to know where all their sensitive data is and to assure its security, an official says.

TWIC program has woes with PIN resets

Some TWIC card holders will have to replace their cards if they forget their PINs.

OPM, Hewitt settle RetireEZ dispute

The agency rescinds company termination of 10-year, $290 million by default, but the parties agree not to disclose the terms.

White House launches site on economic effort

The Web site provides transparency and allows the public to interact with administration as it launches plans aimed at supporting the middle class and economic recovery.

Time to crack the protest case

IAC should take the lead in helping reduce the frequency of bid protests.

ATT receives first award for TIC service on Networx

GSA offers service to decrease the number of government connections to the Internet.