Telework tool: A DOD innovation goes wide

As legislation requiring agencies to move more aggressively to allow telework comes closer to passage, managers worry about security. A tool the Air Force developed could ease their minds.

Feds remember Hurricane Katrina

Five years ago, the hurricane hit the Gulf Coast and feds arrived soon after to help with cleanup. Now an employee union wants to hear those stories.

Five years after Katrina, government IT still feels storm's fury

Five years after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast, the region continues to rebuild and the federal government is still trying to fix information technology-related problems that the storm and its aftermath exposed.

Bigger threat: National crises or unprepared managers?

More than 90 percent of federal employees believe it is important that they continue working during a national crisis, but a lack of continuity-of-operations coordination and telework eligibility may thwart their efforts.

Cloud computing is not always helpful in data recovery

Post-disaster data recovery is easier now, but it still can be difficult to get managers to buy in, says a former CISO for DOJ.

U.S. first responder communications still a mess

If a major earthquake were to strike in the U.S., we would be in a real fix, says the chief of the FCC's Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau.

Flu pandemic could overwhelm Internet capacity, GAO warns

A severe flu outbreak could overwhelm the Internet as millions of workers telecommuted

GAO says more planning needed for DHS emergency communications

The Homeland Security Department should beef up plans for key officials to communicate when networks go down, GAO recommends.

War games spark better-informed decisions

War games are not just for children and generals. The authors of a new book demonstrate how the concepts can apply to vexing business problems.

COOP: What's the drill?

Does anyone know how the U.S. government's real-time exercise went last Wednesday?

IG: DHS data centers at risk

The Homeland Security Department didn't consider risks from hurricanes when it set up its new backup data center in Mississippi, according to a new report.

OPM prods agencies to speed telework

The Obama administration lays out a plan to increase the number of federal employees that regularly telecommute.

Swine flu hearings set; OPM issues guidance

Senate and House panels have scheduled hearings on the disease outbreak, and the Office of Personnel Management has issued advice to federal employees.

Lawmakers want more interoperability in emergency comms

House subcommittee leaders say more is needed to make emergency communications devices interoperable; they and other officials say FEMA should stay in DHS.

Officials back public/private partnerships

Government and industry officials today said ongoing partnerships between the public and private sectors are key to information sharing between them.

Circling the wagons

To make the most of dwindling budget funds, state and local governments are collaborating on homeland security projects.

Tips for tough times

Agencies have several options to stretch homeland security dollars.