OPM disputes 2021 court ruling on firing feds for poor performance

Comments from the Office of Personnel Management in a recent rulemaking could change how agencies approach performance improvement plans and termination for cause.

SCOTUS stays out of contractor mandate case, for now

A special expedited hearing on the authority of two federal agencies to issue nationwide vaccine mandates covering nearly 100 million Americans does not touch on the authority to modify federal contracts to require vaccines for contract employees.

Federal court blocks contractor vaccination mandate

A nationwide injunction from a federal court blocks the Biden administration from enforcing its vaccination mandate for the federal contract workforce.

Supreme Court narrows scope of hacking law, but questions remain

The Supreme Court's ruling on Thursday decided a police officer did not violate a 1980s anti-hacking law, but the court ultimately left open questions about the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act's applicability for other purposes such as cybersecurity research.

Court will hear case against Trump on JEDI

The U.S. Court of Federal Claims denied a motion from the U.S. government to dismiss a complaint from Amazon Web Services alleging undue influence on the award of the $10 billion, 10-year cloud program JEDI to Microsoft.

Google wins decade-old software case against Oracle

The Supreme Court ruled that Google was within its rights to copy and repurpose 11,500 lines of Java software code in the Android mobile operating system.

Senate Dems demand answers on DOJ's hack exposure

A group of Democratic senators want detailed answers from the Justice Department and the judiciary branch by the end of the month about the impact of the SolarWinds breach.

Biden elevates DuBester to chair the FLRA

The quasi-judicial Federal Labor Relations Authority was involved in some of the most contentious wrangling between the Trump administration and federal employee unions.

Investor launches class-action lawsuit against SolarWinds over hack

SolarWinds is facing a class-action lawsuit in a Texas court from an investor who says the company misled the public and its customers by not disclosing a known vulnerability to its update server.

Union lawsuit looks to block Schedule F

The government has until January 15 to respond to the National Treasury Employees Union's lawsuit seeking the blockage of the new employee classification.

Court denies Perspecta's NGEN protest

Perspecta has held the Next General Enterprise Network contract for 20 years, dating back to when one of its legacy business in EDS won the Navy-Marine Corps Intranet contract in 2000.

AWS renews JEDI protest

After a re-award to Microsoft by the Department of Defense of the enterprise cloud contract, Amazon Web Services is headed back to court.

Civil rights groups sue to block diversity training order

"Regardless of whatever dates or deadlines are in the executive order, the chilling effect is happening now," an attorney involved the case said.

Lawsuit upends $4B DHS software buy

A push to buy a modernized DHS financial management system is being held up by another court battle, one that threatens to again upend a project that already suffers from a long history of failure.

Federal court ruling sidelines acting head of Bureau of Land Management

A federal district court ruled Sept. 25 that Pendley's appointment as acting director of BLM was unlawful under the Federal Vacancies Reform Act.

Acting DHS head offers alternative succession path

Chad Wolf, under fire in the courts and from watchdogs about the legal status of his appointment at the Department of Homeland Security, is offering an alternative explanation of his standing.

Oracle loses JEDI appeal

A panel of federal appellate judges affirmed a lower court decision denying a protest by Oracle in the Defense Department's $10 billion cloud procurement dubbed JEDI.