Twin shared-spectrum efforts close in on milestones

Two trailblazing efforts backed by DARPA and the FCC to share radio spectrum among federal and commercial users will hit significant milestones in the coming weeks.

The semantics of disinformation

DARPA thinks it can detect automated disinformation campaigns across a range of media by focusing on common machine-generated errors.

Can battlefield drones spot threats to troops?

Army Lt. Col. Philip Root, the acting deputy director for DARPA’s Tactical Technology Office, explains how the DOD plans to operationalize autonomous systems, forever changing the human-machine relationship.

Aviation automation climbs new heights with ALIAS

The Aircrew Labor In-Cockpit Automation System is expected to complete its first fly-by-wire experiment as early as May.

DARPA takes on cyber defense with hackathons

Dr. Jennifer Roberts, program manager for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s information innovation office, talks about what cyber capabilities are in the works.

DARPA to test secure warfighter mobile devices in June

DOD's research arm is getting ready to test mobile devices that permit information-sharing across multiple security levels from a single platform.

DARPA digs into underground mapping

The research arm of the Defense Department looks to a Colorado mine for next leg of its tunnel mapping tech challenge.

DARPA probes tech to solve supply chain uncertainty

DARPA and private companies are looking to improve supply chain security through the use of tiny chips and diamonds that can authenticate IT parts used by the government.

DARPA wants innovative research to mind the GAPS

The military research outfit wants to find a better way to securely transfer sensitive data from air-gapped DOD systems to less secure, internet-facing ones.

DARPA funds next-generation AI

The $2 billion "AI Next" campaign aims to transform computers from specialized tools to partners with contextual reasoning capabilities.

DARPA seeks underground mapping capability

The Defense Department's research arm wants to meet with tech companies in a huge cave underneath Kentucky about subterranean mapping and search capabilities for military and civilian first responders.

Is DOD overlooking its own innovators?

Silicon Valley has become synonymous with innovation, but government leaders might be missing out on what’s going on in their own labs.

Trio of DARPA procurements plan for 'post-Moore's Law' world

The Pentagon's R&D shop is looking to solve the impending slowdown in global computing power by working with industry to develop the next generation of computer chip technologies.

DARPA transfers powerful space telescope to the Air Force

The Air Force Space Command is taking over operations of a sophisticated telescope built to survey and track space debris and satellites.

DARPA wants to make drone radio controls more secure

New technology could safeguard drone communications by submerging radio control signals into everyday background noise.

A word of caution for DARPA's cyber challenge champ

DARPA named the winner of its $4 million cyber challenge, but one tech group warned of automation's unintended consequences.

DARPA network shields against space junk

DARPA hit a milestone for a data network aimed at avoiding collisions in Earth's orbit.