Data and Analytics

One Army corps sees data education as the foundation of AI-enabled targeting

Expanding data education has proven to be foundational and a defining metric as the Army tests artificial intelligence to improve weapons targeting for the 18th Airborne Corps.

Survey: Federal IT workers say agencies are lagging with digital transformations

In a survey, 88% of federal employees working full-time in technology or IT-focused roles say agencies have fallen behind on modernization plans, citing cultural resistance to change and the inability of contractors to quickly implement new initiatives.

CDC, NASA seek apps to monitor employee vaccinations

CDC is looking for a vaccine passport-type service to authenticate COVID-19 vaccine data on its employees and to supply proof of recent tests for traveling agency employees, while NASA is looking for a smartphone app that would not only allow its 18,000 employees to display their vaccination status when entering a NASA facility, but also help the space agency efficiently survey, report and analyze data on the immunization status of its workforce.

Lessons of the Cyber Reskilling Academy

The leaders who orchestrated a reskilling program meant to transform feds into cyber defense analysts have some takeaways.

Data and DOD's pivot from 'fight tonight'

The Pentagon is developing a tool that could help trace the impact of senior leaders' decisions down to the unit and years into the future.

Navy aims to tackle cross-domain data sharing in Project Overmatch

The Navy is hoping to clear network and data hurdles at the tactical edge with its answer to Joint All Domain Command and Control.

Globally connected data can safeguard the defense industrial and technology base

Data can play a critical role in planning and ultimately protecting the nation's valuable talent, resources and supplies.

Can JADC2 fly without budget reform?

Tim Grayson, the director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's Strategic Technology Office, said there's a risk that "monolithic platforms get replaced with monolithic architectures."

DHS lacks comprehensive strategy to counter violent extremism, report says

The Department of Homeland Security is failing to assess critical external factors and has not yet implemented a data governance framework while developing strategies around terrorism prevention, a new report warns.

'Democratizing data' and the promise of JADC2

Lt. Gen. S. Clinton Hinote, the deputy chief of staff for strategy, integration and requirements for the Air Force, said the global shift to make data readily available could have a profound impact on military operations.

Labor watchdog calls out gaps in unemployment fraud reporting

The department says it will update current requirements so that data flagged as potentially fraudulent will be shared with the agency's Office of the Inspector General.

White House stresses stakeholder engagement in Evidence Act guidance

Three years after its passage, the Biden administration is now trying to provide clarity and additional recommendations for agencies still struggling to implement the Evidence-Based Policy Act.

Army tests network security, cyber tools in war games

Army officials said the Joint Warfighting Assessment exercise demonstrated that while the Army was able to create and share data across a multi-partner environment in a multi-partner network, the constructed virtual environment had its limitations.

DOD to send AI data teams to combatant commands this summer

The Defense Department wants to break AI out of the lab and send out teams of data and artificial intelligence experts in the next month to help combatant commands.

Pentagon is 'actively' weighing JEDI options, Hicks says

Kathleen Hicks, the deputy defense secretary, said DOD is "very actively looking at our options" to fulfill the enterprise cloud needs and with a strategic decision "in the next month."

Data sharing is critical for JADC2, but reciprocity is hard to enforce

It's going to take more than a new policy to achieve the Defense Department's ultimate goal of connecting every sensor and shooter through Joint All Domain Command and Control.

JEDI remains key to Pentagon's JADC2 dreams

The Defense Department has an official strategy for implementing Joint All Domain Command and Control, but it still needs an enterprise cloud capability to make it real.