Data Centers

Data center consolidation success not guaranteed, Sen. Tom Carper warns

Agencies must submit critical aspects of their data center consolidation plans as OMB requires, or the effort could largely be a bust, senator says.

Challenges dog data center consolidation efforts

Agencies report successes on data center consolidations, but challenges continue to put hurdles along the path.

GAO: Agencies need standard guide for measuring consolidation

The government risks overspending and missed deadlines without a clear measuring stick for data center consolidations, audit finds.

DHS claims strides in cloud, enterprise initiatives

At DHS, progress is being made in cloud offerings and enterprise services, according to CIO Richard Spires.

NASA reveals IT reform progress

A year after releasing a strategic IT management plan, NASA's CIO touts progress.

GAO, OMB chart IT reform progress differently

GAO warns the Obama administration that it risks losing momentum in its IT reforms by declaring work completed too early.

Shared services poised to reshape the federal market

Industry should brace for impact as the government adopts more shared services, CIO warns.

Tougher sledding ahead for data-center consolidation

Now that they’ve closed many of their smaller data centers, agencies are moving on to bigger operations and challenges.

DOD discovers IT consolidation best practices

DOD's IT Enterprise Strategy and Roadmap is designed to streamline defense IT, but insiders wonder if major budget cuts could derail it.

Two House members to hold IT forum over colleagues' objections

The forum is expected to address workforce issues, IT issues, including the data center shutdown proposal, contracting awards based on price, all of which are affect agencies' operations.

Navy calls for industry help in data center consolidation

The Navy is looking for help and advice from the private sector as it continues to consolidate its data centers.

5 tech shockwaves still felt today

Information technology has been transformative for government – are these the most pivotal changes?

Survive budget shortfalls with smart tech, DOD CIO urges

Technology and innovation will be critical to government meeting citizens' needs amid budget cuts.

Army lays out future IT planning

Under a new strategic framework, the Army IT Agency consolidating more Pentagon IT -- and pursuing leading-edge technologies for the future.

Defense board issues cloud recommendations, warnings

DOD should move cautiously but decisively to adopt cloud computing and carry out data center consolidation, board advises.

9 ways the defense bill's passage could affect your job

Provisions in the 2012 defense bill include some measures that will have a big impact this year on contracting, cyber defense, intelligence and the use of cloud.