Emerging Tech

What's the state of AI accountability in government?

A new report recommends that the federal CIO Council set up a group to work through what exactly AI accountability is and how to achieve it.

DOD's new data king is skeptical of AI ‘pixie dust’

A more unified approach to data collection will enable bottom-up tools and capabilities

AI training bill becomes law

The measure is meant to ensure that feds understand the risks and benefits of artificial intelligence.

AI task force aims to expand federal research opportunities beyond big tech

The National Artificial Intelligence Research Resource is planning to put out a roadmap in December which outlines how the federal government can recruit more diverse talent for AI research and development opportunities.

The Army is hunting for more soldier-connected tech

A recent solicitation calls for soldier-centered networking and information technology that will link existing and prototype technologies together.

The Pentagon's plan for 'responsible AI'

A 47-page document released this week outlines the Pentagon's plan to incorporate its two-year old ethical AI principles throughout a system's design, development and use.

NGA will take over Pentagon’s flagship AI program

Agency also sending new special spy drones to Eastern Europe.

DOD IG says Army could waste nearly $22 billion on augmented reality headsets

Program officers failed to set baseline levels to determine whether IVAS would meet user needs before procuring units, a misstep that could cost billions of taxpayer dollars, according to an inspector general report.

Can Project Maven help shape acquisition policy?

The DOD's inspector general found that the lack of a formal documentation process for acquisition metrics and procedures could prevent future growth of Project Maven and similar projects.

Bill to train acquisition workforce on AI clears Senate

The bill will help the U.S. stay afloat in global competition on artificial intelligence, its sponsors on the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee say.

DOD releases AI strategy

On the heels of the White House executive order on artificial intelligence, the Defense Department released its plan for securing AI capabilities to support the warfighter.