FBI director wants more cooperation from ransomware victims

The bureau is seeking new funding to support cyber investigations and its own internal cybersecurity, but it also wants help from industry.

CISA: Hackers access to federal networks without SolarWinds

The Cybersecurity and Information Security Agency said on Jan. 6 that there is evidence of suspected hackers are breaching federal networks without exploiting a recently discovered flaw in SolarWinds Orion product.

Lawmakers want answers on Juniper backdoors

Members of Congress are pressing Juniper's CEO for details of an internal probe into how modified code for a compromised NSA encryption algorithm wound up in the company's firewall products.

DOD wants prime contractors to be 'help desk' for new cybersecurity model

The Defense Department is pushing forward with its unified cybersecurity standard for contractors and wants large companies and industry associations to show startups and smaller firms the way.

Cybercrime at the center of IRS investigations in 2019

Officials from the agency's criminal investigations unit touted a major shift over the past year towards multi-stakeholder partnerships to investigate cybercrime and cryptocurrencies in financial crime.

NIST official says post-quantum environment still years away

Despite industry claims of quantum supremacy, a NIST official said there's no danger in the near future that modern tools will be able break current encryption methods.

Watchdog: Hiring freeze increased cyber risk at State

An extended hiring freeze at the Department of State delayed key cybersecurity initiatives and placed highly classified information at risk, according to a watchdog report.

How government entities can combat cyber threats

Rather than getting to the point of no return, agencies should manage cybersecurity through preventative action, technological excellence, hygiene and training.

NIST pushes new encryption protocols for quantum, connected devices

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is inching closer to developing two new encryption standards to protect the federal government from new and emerging cybersecurity threats.

DHS official: no evidence federal domains hijacked in global DNS campaign

A two-year campaign that prompted the Department of Homeland Security to issue its first-ever emergency directive to agencies to shore up cyber defenses appears in part to have been an attempt to spy on U.S. government internet traffic.

Moving the needle on cyber norms

In an increasingly crowded field of international frameworks for cyber norms, a non-governmental organization is seeking to shape the terms of the debate.

DOJ continues push for encrypted comms

New proposals by Western governments to increase law enforcement access to encrypted data continue to generate the same objections from cybersecurity and cryptography experts.

Lawmakers seek standardized national encryption policy

A push on Capitol Hill looks to preempt a possible patchwork of data encryption policies varying from state to state.

NIST seeks 'lightweight' encryption standards

The National Institute of Standards and Technology wants public input on the best way to design evaluation criteria dictating new encryption standards for small computing devices.

How to beat the cost of crime-solving tech

Complex and expensive crime-solving needs are driving local law enforcement entities to the FBI and other deep-pocketed federal agencies for solutions.

How a terrorist's iPhone became the 'poster child' for the FBI's encryption challenge

According to an oversight report, a senior FBI official became concerned that techies in the bureau were slow-walking a plan to crack the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter in the hope of obtaining a favorable court verdict.

Inconclusive encryption report straddles ongoing policy debate

By design, a long-awaited report on encryption from the National Academies of Sciences lacks hard conclusions or recommendations to settle the "going dark" debate.