Enterprise Architecture

Security and data ownership: Old issues in a new wineskin

Security and data center ownership were big issues 15 years ago when the federal government attempted to move agencies to consolidate data centers and share information technology services. Guess what? They still are today.

Los Alamos Lab launches private cloud

The Energy Department’s Los Alamos National Laboratory has launched a private cloud that lets researchers automatically request virtual servers on-demand.

Telework breathes new life into old idea

Enterprise architecture can provide real value for emerging initiatives such as cloud computing, cyber security and telework.

Researchers knock part of the Internet offline

A university software experiment accidentally shut down a small part of the Internet last week.

How to succeed with IPv6

The Navy's Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific is one of the few organizations in the U.S. government that operates its networks on Internet protocol version 6. The center's chief IT engineer shares lessons learned from years of operational experience.

State looks to consolidate citizen services

The State Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs is looking to replace the existing suite of passport and U.S. citizen services systems and develop a new set of information management tools.

State CIOs call for fiscal caution, technology innovation

Tough economic situations are forcing state chief information officers to adopt innovative approaches to contract negotiations and deployment of information technology, according to a new report released by the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO).

Microsoft pushes new directions at Partner Conference

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Bob Muglia, president of Microsoft's Server and Tools Business, discussed the company's major cloud computing efforts at the opening of Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference.

White House plans to get more from agency IT spending

Guidance for IT spending the fiscal 2012 budget emphasizes accountability, performance and security, federal CIO Vivek Kundra tells a Washington audience.

Search is dead: Long live 'findability'

Enterprise searches should be dynamic and interactive, speakers said at the 2010 Knowledge Management Conference. NASA Langley Research Center is one example of agencies embracing the virtues of findability.

Agency IT gets greener with promotional carbon credits

Federal agencies are benefitting from a program that allows agency IT departments to purchase new data servers and receive offsetting carbon emissions credits.

How FAA left the high-risk list behind

Enterprise architecture helped the FAA get off of the Government Accountability Office's high-risk list and has improved the prospects for transitioning to the Next Generation Air Transportation System.

CIOs turns to portfolio management to get IT efforts under control

CIOs from the Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs departments and the Social Security Administration are looking to foster teamwork across traditional boundaries.

Y2K 10 years later

According to J. Greg Hanson, the doomsday scenario of the Y2K bug never played out, thanks to many technology and business professionals who worked hard to make it a non-event. But while the predicted disaster wasn't significant, the effort to avert it certainly was, and we have been reaping the benefits ever since.

Security lacking for Los Alamos classified network, GAO says

The national laboratory overseeing the nation’s nuclear stockpile has some serious security shortfalls, according to auditors.

Government transparency exposes new IT challenges

GSA's David McClure outlines IT issues requiring added attention during panel on collaboration and transparency at IAC-ACT's Executive Leadership Conference.

Federal agencies prepare to make the leap from XP to Windows 7

Agencies still using XP can make the jump to Windows 7, although the upgrade path could be tricky in spots. Microsoft and other vendors have set up programs to help with the transition.