Enterprise Software

DHS gets serious about a new financial system

The Department of Homeland Security is trying to unify its highly federated structure by switching to enterprise financial management

DOD closes in on 100 percent Windows 10

The Defense Department is sending the message that it doesn't want to pay for expensive out-of-support operating system solutions.

Audit flags multiple concerns for Treasury's IT systems

The inspector general report documents a range of sloppy or incomplete IT practices for agency systems that support national security functions.

Why data management matters

New technologies are changing government's approach to data and cloud -- or they should be.

Census Bureau: Tests show tech is saving time and money

While the agency is facing multiple challenges to operations for the 2020 population count, officials said the use of tech to obtain responses from U.S. residents and carry out enumerations on the ground will pay dividends.

NASA extends incumbent on troubled ACES contract

It looks like NASA is going to go the full 10 years on its agencywide $2.5 billion IT services contract ACES, despite early hiccups.

ICITE shifts to reference architecture

The Intelligence Community's use of a common desktop put some applications at risk, a top ODNI tech official said, and a reference architecture approach could prove more accommodating.

VA looks to stabilize tech team

Senators stressed the importance of the coming electronic health record modernization project at the confirmation hearing for James Gfrerer, the nominee to lead the Office of Information and Technology at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Why modernizing human capital systems is so hard

Treasury, DOD and others are working to modernize talent management, but budgetary, cultural and political challenges complicate their progress.

Getting smart about intelligent automation

Agencies are looking to transform everything from contract writing to identity management. The trick could be getting governance to catch up to the tech.

The thinking behind DISA's $8 billion DEOS contract

DISA leaders said the Defense Department's multibillion dollar business solutions contract will be "a constantly evolving service."

From fighting fires to shaping the future: 4 steps to IT modernization

A sense of urgency is important, but agencies must map a clear path forward before rushing in.

VA signs $10B deal with Cerner

Acting VA Secretary Robert Wilkie signed the deal naming Cerner as the sole-source software provider on the agency's health record modernization effort.

The ABCs of PPPs for digital infrastructure

Public-private partnerships are a powerful tool for tackling large, multiyear modernization challenges.

Beware of unicorns

Agencies want the benefits that new technologies can bring, but need a sharper focus on the mission impact -- and have grown wary of one-off solutions.

Agencies failing key agile test

An oversight report found that most agencies were failing to certify implementation of incremental development on some major software projects.

Agile at scale

Federal agencies are embracing agile development, but new ways of thinking are needed to make it work at government scale.