Watchdog: FAA needs to do more to address aircraft cybersecurity

The Federal Aviation Administration has work to do to reinforce cybersecurity for increasingly networked commercial aircraft avionics systems, according to an oversight report.

FAA to test anti-drone technologies

The Federal Aviation Administration will test commercial drone detection and mitigation systems in real-world civilian airport settings.

Agencies warn on drone detection systems

State, local and private sector could run afoul of federal laws if they deploy drone detection and mitigation systems without careful thought, federal agencies say.

FAA asks employees to round up N95 masks, other PPE

The Federal Aviation Administration put out an email blast to employees at field offices and airport facilities on April 8 looking for medical supplies to share out to the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Health and Human Services.

FAA looks to the private sector for drone user testing platform

The Federal Aviation Administration is turning to unmanned aircraft manufacturers, retailers and others in the commercial supply chain to help it develop an electronic platform to support a drone owner safety testing capability.

Report: aviation industry playing catch up on cybersecurity

A new report from the Atlantic Council argues that aircrafts have become highly complex, "flying data centers," but the industry and government are behind on protecting them from cyber threats and sabotage.

FAA moving airspace notices into the digital age

The Federal Aviation Administration is overhauling its system for flight hazards notifications.

FAA chief data officer wants to pace development

The Federal Aviation Administration's top data officer wants to take a layered approach to how it develops U.S. air traffic control IT systems.

5G advocates look to spectrum sharing

Federal agencies see increasing opportunity and value in sharing their spectrum, rather than holding on to it.

U.S. geospatial data could flow to China via drones

Experts and public officials warned lawmakers at a Senate hearing of the risks in China's increasing dominance in low-cost unmanned aerial vehicles.

FAA moves ahead on commercial drones

The aviation agency issues two significant approvals for commercial unmanned aircraft.

NextGen may miss deadlines because of shutdown

According to union leaders and stakeholders, the 35-day shutdown made the U.S. airspace less safe and froze needed modernization and policy development.

FAA looks to ease drone flight rules

FAA wants to make it easier for commercial drones to fly over people and at night, but the ongoing shutdown is stalling the adoption of new regulations.

Shutdown's far-reaching effects could extend skyward

The shutdown is taking a toll on essential federal programs, including air traffic control and safety.

FAA cracks down on rogue drones

The Federal Aviation Administration is taking a hard line with drone operators whose aircraft enter disaster areas and other prohibited airspace.

Congress looks to arm DHS, DOJ against drones

A bill to reauthorize the Federal Aviation Administration gives two federal agencies the authority to intercept and destroy threatening drone aircraft.

FAA drone tracker launches nationwide

The FAA completed the rollout of a nationwide real-time drone operations authorization system.