Federal government still in the dark on ransomware

Information on the majority of ransomware attacks targeting American companies and civilian agencies remains unreported to the Department of Homeland Security, a top cyber official told lawmakers.

FBI wants in on cyber reporting legislation

A top FBI cyber official told lawmakers on Tuesday that the bureau could face significant challenges addressing cyberattacks and ransomware incidents if it was not included in breach disclosure requirements being considered in legislation.

GSA addresses plans for FBI headquarters at House hearing

GSA Administrator Robin Carnahan told lawmakers she was in contact with FBI Director Chris Wray about ongoing plans to build new headquarters for the bureau after the years-long plan was scrapped by the previous administration.

TSA imposes new cyber rules on pipeline operators

The new mitigation requirements come as the U.S. attributes a past effort to hack U.S. pipeline infrastructure to a Chinese state-sponsored group.

FBI director wants more cooperation from ransomware victims

The bureau is seeking new funding to support cyber investigations and its own internal cybersecurity, but it also wants help from industry.

DOJ seizes $2.26 million in ransom paid out by Colonial Pipeline

The FBI on Monday said it has identified at least 90 victims across multiple industrial sectors that Darkside has victimized.

CISA, FBI warn of hacking threat against Fortinet product

The advisory warns that an unattributed threat actor is using known vulnerabilities in a Fortinet security product to gain access to government and industry networks.

Agency hacks could accelerate push to zero trust security model

Chris DeRusha, the federal chief information security officer, said agencies largely have the tools they need to adopt zero trust security protocols but making a change will "require a shift in mindset."

Senators press for federal agency accountability over SolarWinds

Three top cybersecurity officials struggled to answer questions from lawmakers about who is to blame for the government's failure to stop the breach of nine federal agencies.

Warner seeks answers from FBI, EPA on Florida water utility breach

The top lawmaker on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence today sent a letter to the agencies asking for a clearer picture of how hackers attempted to poison a Florida community's water supply and what is being done to prevent a future attack.

White House task force says Russia likely to blame for SolarWinds hack

The Cyber Unified Coordination Group said in a statement on Tuesday that fewer than 10 government agencies have been "compromised by follow-on activity" on federal systems as a result of the hack.

Contested FBI wireless contract goes to AT&T

FBI's $92 million emergency operations wireless service contract goes to AT&T after lengthy protest scuffle.

Voice phishing attacks on the rise, CISA, FBI warn

An industry alert warns of an increasingly sophisticated social engineering campaign since July that is targeting VPNs and teleworkers.

Senate's latest Russia report backs new rules for cyber vendors

Federal investigators may need new authorities to probe cybersecurity breaches in sensitive non-governmental networks, according to the declassified version of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence's report on foreign interference in the 2016 election.

FBI, NSA reveal undisclosed Russian hacking tool

The GRU malware targets Linux operating systems and is used to conduct cyber espionage on behalf.

Congress targets COVID cyber fraud

Pending bills would boost information sharing efforts, pay subsidies to affected states and individuals and move the Secret Service back to the Department of Treasury.

CDC, IRS and other federal sites spoofed in global phishing scams

New research from Proofpoint has identified numerous phishing email campaigns over the past two months, some of which impersonated and spoofed websites from federal agencies, international governments and public health organizations involved in COVID-19 relief.