Obama’s CTO: Some assembly required

Experts describe their vision of the government’s top technologist.

DHS’ travel program certification draws fire

Members of Congress worry that the Homeland Security Department rushed to install a system that does not meet their intentions.

No exit

Trouble fielding a system to track foreign visitors' departures illustrates the complicated policy picture homeland security has become.

Get smart

Here is Dave Wennergren’s list of 10 books that are valuable for information leaders.

Leadership by the book

DOD’s Dave Wennergren spreads a gospel of trust, information sharing and enlightened management through selective reading.

The 13 behaviors for cultivating trust

These behaviors stem from character, competence, or a combination of the two.

The 4 cores of credibility

The key to building trust in organizations is alignment — linking an organization’s design around those cores and behaviors.

Organizational success: A matter of trust

Leaders will reap dividends if they align their organizations with core principles and behaviors that increase trust.

Helping others do the green thing

Chief information officers and federal IT governmentwide contract managers can help feds buy EPEAT products more easily.

A deeper shade of green

What tools and resources would best help you reduce the environmental effects of your information technology acquisition, use and disposal?

Thinking green: The procurement process

To what extent do green information technology products factor into your agency’s buying decisions?

Green regulations: Who knew?

By the numbers about green information technology regulations.

Briefing memos pull back curtains

Former feds distill little-known necessities of governing into simple terms for incoming political appointees.

Master the mechanics of IT management

A new book, “The Operator’s Manual for the New Administration,” offers a few pointers on the role of IT on the road ahead.

Memo to the micromanaged from Judy

Even though we all would like a boss to be a good listener, you can help make that happen by understanding and adapting to how your boss wants things communicated.

Are you a micromanager?

If so, Mike Lisagor and Judy Welles would like to have a word with you about leadership, delegation and employee motivation.

Rising Star: Jeremy Warren

Jeremy Warren, chief technology officer for the Justice Department, is not afraid to pick up a hammer and get to work.