Pointers: Recommended reading

Innovative IT governance; Misinformation and the Web; 20 IT mistakes to avoid; A lesson in password security.

Pointers: Recommended reading 09-22-08

20 ideas worth stealing; How to find poor performers; California train crash: The online database; A grave turn for Web 2.0

Pointers: Recommended readings 09-15-08

Security spending on the rise; The sociology of social networking; The business of Twitter; Should a tech manager be IT savvy?

Pointers: Recommended reading 09-08-08

Find out "Why time management matters," "How to lose your best employees," and more blogging information.

Pointers: Recommended Reading

Beloit College lists the technologies that this year's college freshman class assumes have been around forever, and Time discusses social networking -- for dogs.

Pointers: Recommended readings 08-25-08

Check out these Web sites and other online resources.

Pointers: Carey’s recommended reads

Robert Carey, chief information officer at the Navy Department shares his reading suggestions this week.

Pointers: Recommended readings

A complex IT generation gap; a DHS blog dust-up; what not to worry about on vacation; and the perfect solar storm.

Pointers: Recommended Reading

Find out what FCW is pointing to this week on the Web.

Pointers: Recommended reading

This week's finds: Research beyond Google; The real snail mail; Web 2.0 meets presidential politics; After the flood.

Pointers: Recommended reading

Good reads to share: DOD joins the blogosophere,Learning the Web, Words to live by and Beware of Facebook apps.

Pointers: Recommended readings

NASA CIO joins the blogosphere and IBM gives us a peek at the government in 2020.

Pointers: Recommended reading

FCW points you in the direction of interesting blogs, Web sites and products dealing with all things information technology.

FlipSide: A few minutes with...Vern Bettencourt

Bettencourt, the Army’s deputy chief information officer, will retire June 4, and he has some ideas about what the focus of CIOs will be.

FlipSide: BLM: In search of history

A team of Bureau of Land Management employees has digitized about 4.2 million records so far with a goal of posting another 200,000 this year.

FlipSide: A few minutes with...Robert Carey

Robert Carey, the first government CIO blogger, talks about blogging.

FlipSide: Triumph of the ‘Hunt’

The winner of the best government-themed movie is...