Google tries to quell privacy policy backlash

Faced with a criticism from lawmakers and others, Google releases a letter defending its new privacy policy and offering tips to users on how to limit its impact.

Employees sue FDA over privacy violations

A group of FDA staffers filed suit against the agency for monitoring their personal email on agency computers.

Google privacy impact on feds becomes clearer

Google offers tips for minimizing the risk of its new privacy changes, but experts still caution federal users.

Google's new privacy policy raises new worries for feds

New policies concerning Google's collection and use of user data should have feds taking a close look at their use of the company's services.

NASA takes giant leap onto Google Plus

Keeping with its reputation for innovation and adventure, NASA appears to be the first federal agency to create a Google+ Page.

White House launches Web 2.0 tools for veterans job search

The White House announced new online job search tools for veterans this week, with help from Google, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Google algorithm change may mean less traffic for some government websites

Federal agencies may want to update their website content more frequently, based on the impacts from Google's most recent algorithm update.

3 reasons you can ignore Google+

Do feds really need another social networking site? Does anyone?

All of GSA's e-mail now in Google cloud

The General Services Administration has successfully migrated its 17,000 e-mail users to Google Apps for Government, according to GSA Administrator Martha Johnson.

Google, the news and reader reactions

Readers respond to a discussion of Google's influence on the news.

Google turns off tool for searching government sites

Google has stopped operating several specialized search tools, including the search engine of government-related Web sites.

Twitter's Costolo becomes Obama adviser

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo joins telecom advisory panel.

How to amp up creative thinking on the job

Daniel Patrick Forrester explains why the most effective leaders are those who take time away from multitasking to think reflectively.

Franken sets hearing on iPhone tracking

In the thick of privacy questions resulting from the discovery that Apple monitors consumers' GPS locations in an unprotected way, Sen. Al Franken announces a hearing on the subject.

Winning ways to visualize federal data include bubbles, blocks and clocks

Google and have announced the winners of a contest to make federal spending data more visually appealing.

A bad sign for Android? Motorola building its own mobile OS.

Why would Moto turn against Google and Android? Motorola seems to have a variety of reasons.

Are 'consumptive' tablets like the iPad just a fad?

A Microsoft exec basically called iPads a fad last week, saying there might not be "a persistent market" for "consumptive" tablets. The Mobile Platform asks: Is there really any such thing as a consumptive tablet?