Green IT

Army seeks energy independence

The Army announces a new task force to target its renewable energy goals.

How to advocate green IT in your office

Advocates can get their offices to think 'green' by dealing with everything from senior leaders to printer paper.

Senators urge Obama to lead on green IT efforts

Agencies have improved their use of green IT, but no one can be sure how much because there are no real standards for success.

After Kundra: What next?

Vivek Kundra has been a forceful leader for change in federal IT, say many observers. What will happen to the efforts now under way when he leaves the federal CIO post in August?

Federal procurement turns green

A new acquisition regulation imposes standards for environmental friendliness and sustainability on federal procurements.

How microservers could change the data center

Find out why some experts think microservers are going to give the boot to virtualization in many large datacenters.

GSA adds electric cars to federal fleet; many more to come

The federal motor pool gets a little greener with the addition of electric cars.

Ditch the data center groupthink and consider a new efficiency option

The picky power eaters in a tiny package aim to be the mighty mites of the data center.

OMB tells agencies to cancel print subscriptions to Federal Register

Agencies have been told to stop subscribing to the print edition of the government's journal, the Federal Register.

Green benefits of telework aren't just for Earth Day

Telecommuting is said to have many benefits for the environment.

Connolly works to make green concepts practical

Mindy Connolly, GSA's new chief acquisition officer, takes a practical view of federal procurement policy.

Kundra describes vision of three huge federal data centers

In the future, federal data center consolidation could go much further and create three huge "digital Fort Knox" centers, Kundra said.

GSA claims savings from video wall

The General Services Administration expects to save 14,000 kilowatt-hours per year with its new low-power video wall installation in the San Francisco federal building.

Green procurement resembles 1970s' NBA

Green procurement will see the same changes through the years as did the National Basketball Association's styles.

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