GSA Schedules

GSA job security could increase with schedules revisions

Terminating contracts might seem like a job killer, but some experts predict the opposite effect.

GSA to close some contracts to new vendors

The GSA Schedules program is about to get some new limitations, official says.

GSA holds too much fee money, GAO says

GSA’s Schedules program averaged an excess of $62.2 million in revenue over program costs, before contributions to reserves, each fiscal year.

Industry group warns against mandates for small-biz opportunities

Small contractors would suffer if regulators adopt guidance that replaces agencies’ flexibility, trade group says.

Government expected to hire more small businesses

Prediction: The near future will see more small business contracting and brand-new governmentwide contracts.

IT Schedule 70 to get new director

The new director will be in charge of the IT Schedule that had more than $16 billion in federal sales in 2010 and an expected increase in 2011.

Google sues Interior over cloud RFQ

Google and a cloud partner have sued the government alleging that an Interior Department RFQ unfairly excludes Google.

House passes bill to keep GSA skeds open to state, local agencies

The House backs programs that open schedules contracts to state and local governments in case of emergencies.

GSA's IG warns of risky acquisition support

As contracting increases and the acquisition workforce doesn't grow, agencies are looking for backup.

Senate votes to expand access Federal Supply Schedules

The Senate has passed the Federal Supply Schedules Usage Act, which would make permanent programs that allow states and local governments buy goods and services from the General Services Administration’s Multiple Award Schedules program’s contracts.

GSA's Williams counters IG charge of lost savings

Williams said GSA has no evidence of a widespread problem of vendors submitting incorrect invoices.

Procurement panel slams price reduction clause for services

The Multiple Award Schedule Advisory Panel offers 20 recommendations on how to improve GSA Schedules program.

GSA disaster recovery program could open doors, expert says

Growing sales in the disaster recovery program could help to sway legislators to open all GSA schedules contracts for cooperative purchasing.

GSA disaster recovery program gains momentum

Companies reported their highest quarterly sales increases from July to September 2009.

Senate bill would expand access to GSA schedules for states

States and local governments may get access to the General Services Administration’s schedules program so they can get ready for an oncoming disaster, according to a new bill.

GSA starts training to end misuse of schedules contracts

Task orders have become the primary means that agencies use to buy things, but procurement officers don't always understand the regulations, officials say.

Agencies prepare for merged Dell-Perot Systems

Agencies and experts say Dell and Perot Systems will continue providing the same level of service.