Judge sends Deepwater false claims lawsuit to trial

A U.S. District Court judge refuses to dismiss the False Claims Act lawsuit against the Deepwater contractors and sets trial for next year.

Agencies prepare for merged Dell-Perot Systems

Agencies and experts say Dell and Perot Systems will continue providing the same level of service.

DOD repurposed IT equipment without scrubbing sensitive info, audit reveals

Some DOD organizations have been sending IT hardware away for reuse without properly scrubbing sensitive data first, IG finds.

Lawmakers hit DHS on electronic border surveillance system

Lawmakers scolded Homeland Security Department officials for the latest round of delays on the SBInet electronic border surveillance project.

IRS fails to plug all security gaps, IG says

The IRS has installed effective security controls on its laptop computers, but still has problems with reporting breaches and in backup data storage, a new report says.

State plans to seek help for data center consolidation

The State Department plans to award a task order for help with its data center consolidation program.

A SWAT team for enterprise app woes

The Coast Guard Operation Systems Center employs a dedicated task force to troubleshoot complex problems with its own applications.

Come join the homeland security review

Starting today people can go online to participate in a wide-ranging review of the Homeland Security Department designed to help shape the department over the coming years.

GAO: Details needed on electronic records system

The National Archives and Records Administration's spending plan for its Electronic Records Archive system needs important details, GAO has found.

DHS, FCC don't coordinate some networks, GAO says

The Homeland Security Department and the Federal Communications Commission need to coordinate their efforts on public safety emergency communications, according to a new report.

Altman named to lead IBM Global Public Sector

Anne Altman has been named general manager of IBM Corp.’s Global Public Sector, effective August 1.

IG: DHS should get new infrastructure data system

The Homeland Security Department should finish the acquisition process for a new system that will be used to keep track of critical infrastructure, DHS' inspector general said.

IT costs central to Real ID, PASS ID debate

Backers of the Real ID Act and proposed PASS ID Act have been debating the extent to which states need to make expensive information technology investments to improve the security of driver's licenses.

DHS to vendors: Help us shield dot-gov domain

The Homeland Security Department wants information from companies on their solutions that could be used to protect the government's domain used by civilian agencies.

IT central to debate over Real ID, PASS ID

Backers of a new driver's license security program say the current Real ID program's costly IT requirements are unnecessary and won't work for states.

Creative destruction at work

Netbook computers can tell you a lot about where information technology is headed in the not-too-distant future. The days of big system, multiyear efforts to design and build new government IT applications are largely behind us.

Cobol remains old standby at agencies despite showing its age

As mainframe programming language Cobol marks 50 years of service, dedicated government users make plans for keeping the reliable old applications humming along.