Hiring and Firing Policies

Rising Star: Stephen Ander

Stephen Ander, now a consultant at Gallup, developed a plan to improve the Secret Service's hiring process while working there.

Hire for inclusion, not just diversity

'Inclusion recruiting' might seem like a fuzzy concept, but Sampriti Ganguli argues that it makes for a much more effective workplace than focusing on diversity alone.

VA employees to protest position downgrades

VA employees said they've been targeted by unfounded position downgrades and now plan to vent their grievances in upcoming rally.

New OPM programs smooth the passage to federal careers

An initiative under Obama's hiring reform makes it easier for students to pursue a government career.

On the front lines: How agencies recruit young feds

Despite popular belief, public perception of the government workforce and pervasive anti-government rhetoric hasn't put a damper on young people's desire to become public servants.

Technology bridges the employment gap for feds with disabilities

An initiative by the Labor Department and Cornell University helps link people with disabilities to federal HR professionals.

Government eyes flexible retention to prevent brain drain

Flexible retention is "absolutely the future," according to one workplace expert.

Gerry Connolly: Continued attacks on feds could trigger crisis

Anti-government sentiments lower morale among federal employees and make it harder to recruit new talent, according to a Democratic lawmaker.

Searching for the next generation of government IT security pros

While federal information security professionals report job stability and opportunities for advancement, hiring managers are still trying to figure out how to find highly skilled candidates.

VA accused of excessive outsourcing of vets' jobs

The Veterans Affairs Department is continuing to outsource jobs currently or historically held by veterans, according to union.

Employees sue FDA over privacy violations

A group of FDA staffers filed suit against the agency for monitoring their personal email on agency computers.

Virtual firings: The new rules of the workplace

Pink-slipped via Skype? It could happen.

Hire those federal interns

Lawmakers seek to improve federal intern conversion.

Hiring veterans: Strategies for success

Agencies can benefit by hiring military veterans, and these tips will help them make the most of veterans' skills and talents.

Union to supercommittee: Don't take it out on us

A coalition representing 4.6 million federal and postal workers and annuitants has sent a letter to the deficit reduction supercommittee urging the panel to reject proposals that would put further strains on the federal workforce.

Federal Coach: Susan Grundmann on protecting merit systems in the federal government

Susan Tsui Grundmann of the Merit Systems Protection Board discusses being an advocate civil service.

Older IT pros feeling the squeeze from younger workers

Older workers in the IT industry are experiencing age bias and struggle to keep relevant as younger employees snap up jobs for less pay.