Housing and Urban Development

Trump to nominate new OPM head

The candidate to serve as the nation's top human resources official has a background in computer science and software development, and a controversial record as a conservative commentator.

Union's complaint against Impasses Panel to go forward

A federal labor union can go ahead with a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the composition of the Federal Services Impasses Panel, a judge ruled June 22.

HUD and GSA make cloud and CX awards

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is pushing ahead with modernization plans via the Centers of Excellence program housed at the General Services Administration.

Growing pains, successes in remote work during COVID-19

Despite plans to incrementally push workers to return to the office, federal agencies still plan on allowing some employees to continue to work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lawmakers seek answers on HUD's use of facial recognition

Responding to press accounts, a group of lawmakers want to know if the Department of Housing and Urban Development is supporting the use of biometric surveillance in public housing properties.

Senate turns up a decade of federal cybersecurity failure

Some of the biggest civilian agencies have failed to act on internal cybersecurity audits dating back multiple years, a Senate report found.

HUD seeks vendor to help set up central data office

The housing agency plans to work with the Centers of Excellence program at the General Services Administration to manage its troves of data.

GSA to expand Centers of Excellence

A planned blanket purchase agreement will cover agencies looking to tap into GSA's modernization acceleration program.

The government needs to be more like Netflix

To truly benefit from shared services and the cloud, agencies should be building a repository of "microservice" business routines.

Feds rally against shutdown as missed paychecks loom

With feds on furlough or working without pay face the prospect of a missed paycheck, President Trump signaled a long shutdown by cancelling his trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos on Jan. 22.

Democrats to offer four bills to reopen much of government

On day 18 of the partial government shutdown, Majority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) unveiled the House Democrats' plan to reopen government, calling the need to end the shutdown a top priority.

Shutdown showdown shifts back to the Senate

Lawmakers are hurtling toward a partial government shutdown on Friday, as Trump and House conservatives dig in on wall funding.

House and Senate agree on CR through Feb. 8

It's still not clear if President Trump will agree to punt a confrontation on funding for the border wall until February, when Democrats control the House of Representatives.

Despite overall increase, many agency satisfaction scores stall or decline in FEVS

Two of the three major metrics for the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey improved over last year, but fewer agency-level scores improved than in recent years, particularly on the civilian side.

Agencies still queueing for TMF funds

While Congress has yet to fund the Modernizing Government Technology Act for FY2019, agencies continue to submit project for consideration this year.

Excellence begins at home, TTS chief says

Agencies don't have to depend on the General Services Administration to design and launch their own internal Centers of Excellence-like programs to support modernization.

HUD next in line for Centers of Excellence support

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is using the GSA's Centers of Excellence Initiative to develop a modernization plan.