The biggest threat to federal job security: death

A recent analysis suggests that poor performers in the federal government usually get to keep their jobs.

Minn. government shutdown could predict future for feds

When Minnesota lawmakers couldn't reach a budget compromise, the state government shut down, and now its employees are paying the price. Are federal workers destined to face a similar fate?

Include contractors in federal workforce debates, lawmakers urged

A House hearing held to examine the size of the federal workforce raised the question of whether to include the number of contract employees as part of the debate.

Streamlined job application process pays off, OPM says

The time it takes to hire a new federal employee has decreased thanks to changes in the hiring process, OPM says.

Are bills targeting the federal workforce destined to fail?

Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa.) introduced a bill May 5 to freeze most federal hiring. But will Marino's legislation (or other similar bills) ever get anywhere?

OPM builds how-to site for hiring managers

A new website will give the federal government one-stop access to recruitment resources such as multimedia learning tools and interactive forums with experts.

Federal Coach: Work with someone who doesn't understand social norms

Most people know how to behave in the workplace, but there are always outliers who are aggressive, quirky or who have never figured out the acceptable social norms.

Federal Coach: Why do so many ‘slugs’ keep their jobs?

While the president’s overheard private remarks were unfortunate, it’s important to hear his whole message about federal employees.

Pay raises revoked for some SES members

Performance-based pay raises for hundreds of Senior Executive Service members have been rescinded, but administration officials say this has nothing to do with the two-year pay freeze.

Federal workers become 'punching bag' in political wrangling

John Palguta discusses why feds seem to have become everyone's punching bag, in addition to the potential consequences of a smaller federal workforce and the role of federal managers in a time of tight budgets.

Furlough survival guide for managers

If federal employees have to take furloughs, managers will have to cope with absences. Here are some tips from the experts to guide you through it.

Federal hiring freeze back on the table

A GOP House member recently reintroduced a bill that would place a hiring freeze on all federal agencies except the Defense, Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs departments.