IBM's Watson breaks new ground in artificial intelligence

Playing "Jeopardy!" was just the first step. Watson represents a broadened set of frontiers for human-machine interaction.

What IBM could teach feds about social media

IBM could teach government agencies a few things about managing Facebook and Twitter.

IBM debuts CityOne simulation game for urban planning

IBM Corp. has launched CityOne, an online interactive simulation game designed to help local government officials find innovative solutions for energy, water, traffic, banking and retail problems.

IBM supercomputer to challenge humans on 'Jeopardy'

IBM will put its natural-language processing research to the test this fall, when its Watson supercomputer goes up against human players on "Jeopardy."

Industry retirees leave mainframe computers behind

Old mainframe computers stay at a company longer than the employees who know how to run them, according to a news report.

Dan Chenok heads to IBM in June

Former OMB official Chenok will work in IBM's Global Business Services and be a senior fellow at IBM’s Center for The Business of Government.

NY turns $10 million investment into $1 billion in savings

The N.Y. State Department of Taxation and Finance is enjoying big savings as a result of its work with IBM in creating tools to help automate audit and collection.

Tax evaders beware: NY state has an app for that

A 10-year collaboration between IBM and the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance has produced analytical tools to help with auditing returns and collecting delinquent taxes.

Indiana fires IBM from $1.3 billion welfare contract

Indiana fires IBM as the prime contractor on a $1.34 billion contract to overhaul the state's welfare system.