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White House meets corporate CEOs for ideas on modernizing government

The White House is convening a conference of 50 corporate CEOs with the hope of generating “game changing ideas” that can help IT improve government efficiency.

Experts disagree on effect of E-Verify's expiration

The authorization for the E-Verify employment verification program expires three weeks after it is set to cover federal contractors.

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CMS considers contractors for identifier program

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is considering using contractors to operate a national system for assigning health providers unique identifying numbers.

HHS to industry: Help assess health IT networks

HHS has asked industry to help conduct a nationwide analysis of health information exchange infrastructures.

Microsoft ordered to stop selling Word

Court rules that Microsoft stop selling flagship Word as a result of a patent dispute with Canadian company i4i.

Business groups want Congress to address E-Verify concerns

TechAmerica and others ask lawmakers to deal with their worries about E-Verify.

Rising Star John Collier

Collier designed and developed an advanced multi-intelligence analyst system. He came up with a design that could fit on a couple of laptops or be scaled to a system that involves hundreds of systems.

Rising Star Ryan P. McCullough

McCullough created a procurement methodology, known as the Performance-Based Approach, that closely aligns a contractor’s measures of success with an agency’s objectives.

CIO: CDC preparing for contract worth up to $2 billion

The CDC's CIO outlines plans for the agency's largest IT contract, which is also the first Multiple Award Contract.

OMB wants employee, contractor balance

Agencies should find the best balance between contractors and employees in their workforces, the Office of Management and Budget says.

Emergency IT authority for FERC gains support

Support is growing for proposals to give the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission additional authority to act during an emergency involving a cyberattack on the country's electric power system.

Deepwater watch: Coast Guard Acquisition Directorate gets new leader

The Coast Guard Acquisition Directorate has a new rear admiral in charge — Ronald Rábago.

DNI: Public trust important for cybersecurity

The Director of National Intelligence said the public needs to be convinced that cybersecurity programs will protect civil liberties.

Napolitano backs E-Verify

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said she is a big supporter of E-Verify, the Web-based employment eligibility verification tool.

Flu funding could go to states

Some of the $1.5 billion that the Obama administration has requested to fight the H1N1 virus – the cause of the swine flu outbreak — could go to state public health disease tracking and monitoring programs.

Swine flu response elevates health IT

The outbreak of swine flu that has dominated public health concerns for the past several weeks could be a blessing for the Obama administration's health information technology plans.