Information Assurance

VA may have bent the rules for iPads, iPhones

The Veterans Affairs Department approved iPhones and iPads for its network last year while partially avoiding a particular FISMA requirement, according to a new audit.

Notes from Naval IT Day: Quips and quotes and food for thought

Every conference has those moments of breaking up the monotony; here's a few from AFCEA Naval IT Day.

CBP snafu exposes proprietary information

Customs and Border Protection took down documents included in a solicitation for the "virtual border fence" project that may have included proprietary contractor information.

Industry cybersecurity efforts fall short, experts say

Officials stop short of calling for government regulation of industry cybersecurity but tell a House panel, "It's not working."

Should you trade data ownership for 'any device' access?

When we give up ownership of information and resources in favor of anywhere, any-device access, we risk trading down on security in the process.

China allegedly involved in Facebook scam against NATO officers

A fake profile for NATO's senior commander lured other officers into accepting a friend request, compromising personal information in the process.

GSA gives FedRAMP structure as launch date draws near

The FedRAMP Concept of Operations document puts meat on the program's bones.

Cybersecurity bill displeases Republicans

Sen. Joe Lieberman and his bipartisan co-sponsors say it's not SOPA or PIPA and doesn’t have a kill-switch provision, but Republicans committee leaders say it still overreaches.

NIST sets security approach for cloud computing

New guidelines from the National Institute of Standards and Technology offer recommendations agencies should consider when outsourcing data, applications and infrastructure to a public cloud environment.

GAO report urges better planning, coordination of cyber workforces

Agencies are falling short in properly planning and coordinating their cybersecurity human capital, according to a GAO report.

Security worries still impede cloud computing

As GSA ramps up FedRAMP, security remains a concern in efforts to move government IT to the cloud, officials told a House subcommittee.

Panetta appoints new leader of cyber programs

Eric Rosenbach held previous roles as a national security advisor to Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.) and a staffer on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Federal data breach legislation stalls

California strengthens its breach notification requirements, as federal legislation that would replace state laws goes nowhere in Congress.

China provides smoking gun against itself in cyberattacks

Do you doubt that China is behind cyberattacks on U.S. targets? China itself provides strong evidence.

'Anonymous is not unanimous'

Statements after a second breach connected to San Francisco's transit system reveal divisions within the hacktivist group 'Anonymous.'