Deadline extended for Federal 100 nominations!

You now have until Tuesday, Jan. 11, to get them in. Happy holidays!

Fed 100 nominations: Time is running out

Nominations are due by Dec. 24 -- submit yours today!

What makes hackathons work

Steve Kelman share recent research on how successful hackathon teams turn out functioning products.

Public libraries and government innovation

Steve Kelman notes an example of government reinvention at the very local level.

What ever happened to innovation in government?

Steve Kelman wonders whether the federal IT community has lost its focus on truly transforming the way government functions.

Some 'kind engineers' who have gravitated to government contracting

Steve Kelman checks in with another non-traditional IT contractor, and explores what attracted them to the market.

Pentagon officials debut innovation steering group

The new group is tasked with looking for areas in research and engineering that, if improved, would make the Defense Department better at adapting new technology.

Now hiring for next set of Presidential Innovation Fellows

Originally a brainchild of the Obama-Biden tech office, the Presidential Innovation Fellows program is now looking for its eighth cohort of in-house federal tech innovators. How has it changed, and what lessons might the program offer for recruiting top tech talent into the government?

Google wins decade-old software case against Oracle

The Supreme Court ruled that Google was within its rights to copy and repurpose 11,500 lines of Java software code in the Android mobile operating system.

How the government could become the next Airbnb

Emerging and established technologies hold great potential for addressing our nation's evolving challenges; the trick is in helping government agencies integrate them into their operations.

JADC2 needs to be Pentagon's 'big bet,' Flournoy says

Michèle Flournoy, former undersecretary of defense for policy, said Joint All Domain Command and Control "needs to be one of the big bets that the Pentagon places" if it wants to be prepared for the future of warfare.

A career fed does a stint at USDS

Steve Kelman checks in with procurement innovator and past Fed 100 winner Mark Junda on his latest chapter.

Improving the citizen experience one phone call at a time

Knowledge-based authentication for call centers is cumbersome and can increase risk of spoofing, but there are tech-based alternatives.

Promoting an innovative workforce through DevSecOps

DevSecOps has the power to set a new standard for the way the DOD -- and the rest of the federal government -- executes work.

White House names GSA senior leaders

The Biden-Harris administration tapped former officials to senior slots at the General Services Administration, but the nomination of an administrator is still to come.

Innovation among feds is alive and well

Steve Kelman shares some survey data on how career executives see innovation in their agencies.

Non-traditional small IT contractors: 'A well-established niche that is here to stay'

Steve Kelman check in with another startup firm finding its way into government IT.