Next time you want to curse out the media, remember this

Steve Kelman puts his occasional frustrations with stories on the federal government in perspective.

White House sanctions Russia over SolarWinds campaign, election interference

The White House today announced a sanctions package targeting the Kremlin, Russian technology companies and financial institutions for hacking and misinformation efforts.

Biden pledges international cooperation on cyber in speech

Biden addressed the global security forum for the first time as president last week when he called for the United States to cooperate with European allies on establishing cyberspace norms.

U.S. imposes new restrictions on Huawei, semiconductor industry

The Department of Commerce is tightening rules targeting the Chinese telecom's supply chain around computer processing chips and restricting sales of chips made with U.S. technology.

AFGE touts Harris veep pick

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) has a long record supporting federal union issues and looking to check the power of government and private sector tech surveillance.

Deadline looms for contractors to ditch banned Chinese equipment

A broad federal prohibition on contractors that use gear from a host of Chinese tech makers goes into effect in mid-August.

Collaboration inside government during the COVID crisis

Steve Kelman reports on New Zealand's all-hands approach to contain the coronavirus.

DIU chief: Earnings focus thwarts innovation

The head of DOD's Defense Innovation Unit suggested that any technology race with China commands a dramatic shift in U.S. market strategies.

UN, tech companies team up to host innovation contest

A collection of tech companies seeking to push new cyber norms are working with the United Nations to launch a new initiative asking young entrepreneurs to develop technologies that will foster digital peace.

CBP looks to blockchain to track Canadian energy imports

The Silicon Valley Investment Program is tapping a Canadian company with a blockchain platform to help Customs and Border Protection track oil and natural gas imported through pipelines.

Why the U.S. wants zero tolerance on Chinese 5G gear

With lawmakers increasingly wary of Chinese-made 5G infrastructure, cybersecurity experts say even peripheral use of the equipment in networks could lead nowhere good.

Moving the needle on cyber norms

In an increasingly crowded field of international frameworks for cyber norms, a non-governmental organization is seeking to shape the terms of the debate.

U.S., Russia jockey to shape new global cyber norms

The United Nations approved dueling proposals by the U.S. and Russia to establish working groups on international norms, principles and behaviors in cyberspace.

6 observations on the state of China

Steve Kelman shares what he learned on a recent 10-day visit.

China's new challenges to the U.S.

In technology, politics, economics and ideology, the U.S.-China tensions are growing.

U.S. and U.K. say Russia targeted network infrastructure worldwide

U.S. and British officials call out another Kremlin-backed cyber campaign, this time targeting routers, switches and other network devices used by governments, ISPs and critical infrastructure entities.

When the U.S. is a tech laggard

While the United States dominates many areas of IT, Steve Kelman notes that the hotspots for certain sectors are clearly clustered elsewhere.