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Can cybersecurity profit from corporate self-interest?

The telecom industry’s insistence that all regulation is bad for security does a disservice to those who rely on critical infrastructure.

Navy prepares to award contract for shipboard computer networks

The Navy is upgrading its shipboard networks with the first phase of a new contract expected to be awarded Feb. 1.

VA mulls moving telecomm to the cloud

The Veterans Affairs Department is asking for industry input on the feasibility of ditching its PBX in favor of cloud-based telephony.

Next GSA networks chief will step into new telecom world

As Karl Krumbholz retires, the government is being hit by multiple forces that are shaping the transition to the future. His successor will have new frontiers to tame.

Could this legislation kill the Internet?

A bill designed to protect children from predators online contains provisions that could cripple online commerce while not protecting children from much of anything, John Breeden argues.

NTIA's spectrum management approach flawed, GAO says

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration is falling short on managing federal and national radio spectrum needs, the Government Accountability Office says.

Execs talk about disconnect in Networx transition

Telecom companies said they've invested a lot of money in meeting the requirements of the Networx contract, but that money can be washed away quickly when demands change.

What Networx and Whitesnake have in common

Government and industry leaders gave a range of answers when asked to respond to the word, Networx.

OMB sets deadline for telework IT policies

The Office of Management and Budget is giving agencies 90 days to develop or update policies on buying IT to enable and promote the federal government’s adoption of telework.

AT&T's buyout of T-Mobile: Good or bad for federal IT?

AT&T's plan to buy T-Mobile might be a boon to agencies' mobile aspirations.

CTIA Service of the Day: Mobility that works with any platform

Mobility as a service is a new term, but cloud-based solutions, managed services and platform ubiquity play well in the enterprise.

NextGen air traffic control plan moves ahead despite uncertain funding forecast

Funding is a concern for the Federal Aviation Administration’s NextGen system, but the program enjoys momentum for now.

When telework really isn't

GSA's telework centers don't provide true telework, just a different drive to the office, argues Paul Cantwell.

Agencies must determine computer security teams in face of potential federal shutdown

The number of essential IT staff members needed during a government shutdown would be much larger than in the monthlong furlough of 1995. Then, the focus was not on guarding the nation's systems against a cyberattack.

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