Painful hiring keeps tech talent at bay (but does money matter?)

Government needs more talented techies. Is low pay keeping them away, or is it the snail's pace – and tortured process – of federal hiring that's turning them off?

Piecing together the insider threat puzzle

Software and automation are crucial to preventing leaks and sabotage, but they're not the only tools deployed by agencies that collect and guard secret information.

IT and disability: A symbiotic pair

There is no silver bullet for decreasing the rampant unemployment for people with disabilities, but both assistive technology and IT jobs afford the most promise to a static problem.

Senate panel approves DHS cyber hiring measure

The bill is aimed at giving the Department of Homeland Security more flexibility in hiring cybersecurity specialists.

OFPP, FAI launch new acquisition training and certification

The revised FAC-C curriculum takes effect Oct. 1 and will align civilian agency training more closely with DOD's.

Change, technology and the federal workforce

From using data intelligently to adjusting to a younger workforce to training with a purpose, experts analyze the near-future of government.

Senate appropriators signal support for IT reform

Federal CIO Steven VanRoekel said there is room for "policy and discussions" around expanded agency CIO authorities, but expressed concern that legislation might fail to take into account unforeseen future circumstances.

Which agencies reward innovation?

Federal workers lack confidence that their employers will support efforts at innovation, says a new report from the Partnership for Public Service.

Newly minted data analysts in high demand

N.C. State's Institute for Advanced Analytics said 55 employers offered more than $22 million in salaries and signing bonuses to 75 job seekers from the class of 2014.

CIOs focused on training

Sixty percent of those surveyed said training is the answer to squeezing more efficiency out of a reduced workforce.

STEM students ponder public service

In a Partnership for Public Service survey, one in four college students ranked government as one of their top three job targets.

A window into the federal soul

Technology can simultaneously amplify mistakes and make them easier for customers – in the government’s case, citizens – to see.

CIO Council revives Workforce Committee

The panel will focus on recruiting, retaining and training IT staff.

Behind clearance reform, a struggle in data collection

Readers weigh in with real-life experience from both sides of the vetting process.

Should risky employees be allowed to hang around?

A reader takes issue with the notion that terminated government employees need to be ushered out the door quickly.

Security clearance reform: more questions than answers

Many of the proposed solutions rely on the use of IT – automation, continuous evaluation and shared data banks between agencies.