Oracle loses JEDI appeal

A panel of federal appellate judges affirmed a lower court decision denying a protest by Oracle in the Defense Department's $10 billion cloud procurement dubbed JEDI.

US, UK reach CLOUD Act agreement

The agreement will cover a "broad class" of crimes and investigations, including a promise not to target each other's residents and assurances that exchanges are compatible with data protection laws.

Secrecy impinges on surveillance lawsuit against NSA

Government lawyers pressed the court to throw out a lawsuit challenging its "Upstream" surveillance program, saying the plaintiffs can't prove their communications were being collected.

Federal Courts want cloud-based training platform

The procurement arm of the Federal Court system wants to replace its aging learning management system.

Trump administration wants FLRA to hear workforce order cases

Union attorneys were surprised by government arguments in a court of appeals that their objections to three executive orders on workforce issues should have been brought to Federal Labor Relations Authority rather than to federal court.

Judge denies injunction in shutdown case

A federal judge denied an injunction in a union lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the practice of requiring some feds to work without pay during a shutdown. An injunction could have required feds currently deemed essential or excepted to be sent home.

CLOUD Act set to pass in omnibus

Congress is poised to pass legislation that will have big implications for cross-border data sharing, law enforcement investigations and data privacy.

Public employee unions in the crosshairs of Supreme Court case

The Supreme Court heard arguments in a case that could have ramifications on the membership and power of public employee unions.

Cloud vendors eye key Supreme Court case

Microsoft is defending a case involving a 1986 law that will have consequences for cloud vendors and law enforcement no matter how it turns out.

Supreme Court OKs expanded hacking power for FBI

Congress has until Dec. 1 to alter an administrative procedure change that would allow U.S. judges to issue warrants for the FBI to hack into computers outside U.S. jurisdiction.

Apple balks at court order to unlock San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone

A District Court judge has ordered Apple to help the FBI break into the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters. Many technologists are up in arms, and Apple is not backing down.

Contracting cases could be held up by Supreme Court uncertainty

Add two key federal contracting lawsuits to the long list of issues that could be complicated by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

The hidden cybersecurity risk for federal contractors

Firms could face friendly fire under the False Claims Act.

FCC plans new basis for old network neutrality rules

The goal is to provide a legal rationale that does not ban certain activities, but Republicans on the commission are skeptical.

Will Open Internet changes affect the enterprise market?

The fallout for federal customers from a federal court decision blocking "net neutrality" rules remains murky, but most analysts are predicting little change for the immediate future.

Judge rules for Amazon Web Services over IBM in CIA cloud case

Court overturns GAO's decision on bid protest; IBM says it will appeal.

Feds showcase successful moves to the cloud

Officials from DHS, Interior and the federal courts share case studies for those looking to get started.