Labor Unions and Employee Groups

Possible FAA partial shutdown imminent

Many FAA operations could shut down this weekend if a budget impasse in Congress isn't resolved.

Unions seek answers on how debt default would affect feds

A coalition of more than 20 federal employee and management organizations wants to know how the federal workforce would be affected if Congress fails to raise the nation’s debt limit at the start of next month.

Are bills targeting the federal workforce destined to fail?

Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa.) introduced a bill May 5 to freeze most federal hiring. But will Marino's legislation (or other similar bills) ever get anywhere?

In defense of federal employees (Washington Redskins, beware!)

FCW blogger John Klossner does his part to restore the self-esteem of feds who have been the target of so many congressional attacks.

OK, so what's the big secret?

As a government shutdown looms yet again and the possibility of an impending furlough once again ramps up stress among federal employees, one has to wonder why agencies aren't telling them what to expect.

Fighting Bob is rolling in his grave

Have you been watching Wisconsin? The state has a century-long association with the labor movement. It’s the birthplace of Progressive icon (and former Republican) Robert “Fighting Bob” La Follette, U.S. senator, trust-buster and champion of labor.

House lawmakers want to freeze feds' pay for step increases, bonuses

Republican House members have proposed amendments to the continuing resolution bill to put new freezes on federal employees' salaries.

Federal hiring freeze back on the table

A GOP House member recently reintroduced a bill that would place a hiring freeze on all federal agencies except the Defense, Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs departments.

Obama rejects calls to extend federal salary freeze

The White House included the already-enacted two-year pay freeze for federal civilian employees in its fiscal 2012 budget request but rebuffed calls to extend it to three years.

Solidarity? Or not so much?

If recently proposed federal budget cuts sparked some heated comments from federal employee groups over the last few days, then the subsequent announcement of even deeper cuts likely will inflame things further.

And a FEW more

We’ve got to hand it Federal Employed Women. The group, a membership organization that works for the advancement of women in government, is doing an enviable job of pushing back against the tide of anti-fed sentiment.

Feds feel attacked in recent workforce proposals

House Republicans are taking direct aim at the federal workforce as they look to slash the nation's domestic spending. Three bills have already been introduced this month that will impact federal employees.

Out with the old, in with the new

Well, the Federal Career Intern Program is history. Unions who maintained that the program was being overused—and misused, they said—to bypass competitive hiring have gotten their way. At the same time, those unions say they plan to keep a close eye on new internship initiatives outlined by the administration.

Senate weighs federal employee pay freeze

Following House approval last week, the Senate is considering a two-year pay freeze for all civilian federal employees.

House approves two-year federal pay freeze

The House today passed legislation with a two-year pay freeze for all civilian federal employees.