Law Enforcement

National Archives recovered more than 100 classified documents from Trump in January

The more than 700 pages of classified material included documents relating to special access programs – some of the nation's most closely held secrets.

Former DHS acting IG pleads guilty in software scheme

A former acting top watchdog at the Department of Homeland Security pleaded guilty in a scheme to steal case management software from multiple federal agencies in order to create a new system to sell back to the government.

Federal agencies highlight security improvements a year after Capitol attack

The Homeland Security Department said officials do not “have information indicating any specific or credible threats related to the anniversary.” 

GSA addresses plans for FBI headquarters at House hearing

GSA Administrator Robin Carnahan told lawmakers she was in contact with FBI Director Chris Wray about ongoing plans to build new headquarters for the bureau after the years-long plan was scrapped by the previous administration.

IRS dips into enforcement funds, user fees for IT

"Each year, the IRS must take extraordinary measures to fund IT," IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig explained in an August letter to three senators.

New bill looks to ramp up penalties for ransomware crooks

Three senators are aiming to pass new legislation that expands DOJ's power to go after botnets and stiffen penalties for cyberattacks on critical infrastructure by adding it to the upcoming infrastructure bill.

Colonial CEO defends $4.3M ransomware payment

Joseph Blount, the chief executive officer of Colonial Pipeline, on Tuesday defended the company's ransom payment to the criminal group Darkside and said Colonial is continuing to work with law enforcement and cybersecurity consultants to restore their business systems.

DOJ seizes $2.26 million in ransom paid out by Colonial Pipeline

The FBI on Monday said it has identified at least 90 victims across multiple industrial sectors that Darkside has victimized.

Supreme Court narrows scope of hacking law, but questions remain

The Supreme Court's ruling on Thursday decided a police officer did not violate a 1980s anti-hacking law, but the court ultimately left open questions about the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act's applicability for other purposes such as cybersecurity research.

Mayorkas: DHS running ransomware task force, White House plan coming

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Thursday said his agency plans to take up the recommendations from a new report focused on combating ransomware and that the White House is developing its own plan to confront the growing cybersecurity threat.

CISA, FBI warn of hacking threat against Fortinet product

The advisory warns that an unattributed threat actor is using known vulnerabilities in a Fortinet security product to gain access to government and industry networks.

Mayorkas announces cyber 'sprints' on ransomware, ICS, workforce

The Homeland Security secretary announced a series of focused efforts to address issues around ransomware, critical infrastructure and the agency's workforce that will all be launched in the coming weeks.

DOJ charges three in WannaCry attacks, attempts to steal $1.3B

In addition to unsealing the charges against three North Korean hackers, the U.S. government also published indicators of compromise for a family of malicious cryptocurrency applications called "AppleJeus."

New bill looks to close retirement loophole for injured federal first responders

Sponsors say the legislation is needed to allow federal first responders to access their retirement benefits if they are injured on the job.

Senate Dems demand answers on DOJ's hack exposure

A group of Democratic senators want detailed answers from the Justice Department and the judiciary branch by the end of the month about the impact of the SolarWinds breach.

Lawmakers seek details on damage done by the SolarWinds hack

As information trickles out about which federal agencies have been compromised by a sophisticated hacking operation, lawmakers have begun seeking an extensive accounting of what damage has been done.