Letters roundup

Readers respond to recent FCW articles.

Letter: Government stands in way of private-sector benefits

A reader writes that government is not as efficient as private industry in administrative tasks.

Letter: Fun with math

A reader does some math for the $1.2 billion TSA awarded Lockheed Martin for a human resources support contract.

Letter: Who will oversee HUBZone requirements?

A reader writes to ask who will oversee HUBZone requirements when Lockheed Martin can qualify as a small business.

Letter: Don't blame contractors for data leaks

A reader writes to say employees of the Defense Department and the federal government share blame for data leaks.

Letter: Interpretation of GAO ruling incorrect

A reader disagrees with article's interpretation of GAO ruling on HUBZone firms.

Letter: What were senators' concerns?

A reader writes to ask why two senators have put holds on the re-authorization of the E-Gov Act.

Letter: Minority contracting rule about fairness

A reader writes that the Department of Defense's minority contracting rule, which a court found unconstitutional, could be a practice rather than a rule.

Letter: Obama administration might allow some outsourcing

A reader writes that the incoming Obama administration might allow some outsourcing of government work if it would be cost effective.

Letter: Oversight is not a substitute for good management

A reader agrees with columnist Steve Kelman that good management trumps oversight.

Letter: DHS trying to reinvent the wheel

A reader writes that the Department of Homeland Security would rather enroll its employees in training than have longtime employees pass on their years of experience.

Letter: Obama's Change.gov site a quick read

A reader addresses the speculation surrounding who President-elect Barack Obama should choose as chief technology officer and the shortcomings of the Change.gov site.

Letter: SSA employee can't watch Obama's YouTube videos

A reader at the Social Security Administration, which blocks YouTube, writes to say he can't watch the president-elect's addresses.

Letter: CTO office will become a large bureaurcracy

A reader writes to say that he thinks the staff for the chief technology officer position proposed under President-elect Barack Obama will start small, but will increase without adding value.

Letter: Change.gov and YouTube not compliant with disability regulations

A reader writes that President-elect Barack Obama's transition site, Change.gov, and posting addresses to YouTube do not meet regulations for people with disabilities.

Letter: The federal workforce has two big problems

A reader shares his observations of what ails the federal workforce.

Letter: Many will gladly accept a position with SES

A reader writes that members of the Senior Executive Services who don't like it can leave.