Facebook enlists U.S. military for new Pages format debut

The Facebook Pages format got a splashy introduction with the help of U.S. military services--with the exception of one Page that took on some water.

Marines prep for combat support with simulation

At Camp Pendleton's Battle Simulation Center, Marines are tested in operational support using simulation tools that recreate combat.

DOD taking "DISA first" strategy in data center consolidation efforts

DOD is focusing on DISA IT services, core data centers as it pursues efficiencies and data center consolidation, according to its new progress report.

Cyber training no longer basic

Today's troops are getting the latest in high-tech training and education to learn how to combat a fast-moving cyber threat.

Cyber programs at a glance

Here is a look at some of the cyber training programs offered by the military services.

New social media handbook coaches Marines

The Social Corps handbook gives instructions to Marines on how to use social media.

Ruminating on 9/11

Ten years ago, a Marine officer found himself booked for two meetings that took place at the same time -- and made a fateful decision.

Norfolk battens down NMCI's hatches in preparation for Irene

With Hurricane Irene bearing down on the mid-Atlantic region, the Navy and Marine Corps are working overtime to ensure their critical IT systems -- including NMCI -- remain up and running through the storm.

Military officials warn against cutting DOD's budget

Lawmakers have proposed more than $800 billion in defense cuts, but DOD leaders warned of serious consequences to technological and military readiness.

Gen. Cartwright's nod to Mrs. Robinson

Gen. James Cartwright uses a classic movie to illustrate a contemporary point.

Navy's budget includes new technology, hardware

The Navy's budget request for fiscal 2012 focuses on technology and new equipment as well as cost and energy savings.

Future of Navy, DOD debated at AFCEA West

Top DOD officials discussed critical issues for the military's future at AFCEA West.

Could mission specialization solve DOD's woes?

In an era of tight budgets and ongoing conflict, specialization is an intriguing idea, but experts question whether it would save money.

Marines harness the sun

Gas-powered generators use hundreds of gallons of fuel that has to be sent to the front lines. Marines are hoping new technologies will ease the load.

Mobile relay system takes air combat training to sea

New mobile technology for the Navy and Marine Corps makes the TCTS air combat training system "rangeless," allowing for advanced training over water.

U.S. Military Buys Portable Movie Theaters

The military is buying portable outdoor movie theaters for its troops.