Senate funding bill zeros out TMF

It's a familiar story: The House looks to add to the Technology Modernization Fund while the Senate taps the brakes

Cyber officials look to toughen up reporting requirements

The head of CISA told lawmakers that federal breach disclosure rules should be accompanied by compliance mechanisms, including fines.

House infrastructure bill includes over $3 billion for federal tech

Under an amendment from Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.), the Technology Modernization Fund could see another $1 billion in capitalization.

Where does the TMF Board go from here?

With a $1 billion cash infusion, relaxed repayment guidelines and a surge in proposals from federal agencies, questions have been raised about whether the board overseeing the Technology Modernization Fund has been scaled to cope with its newfound popularity.

TMF, cyber EO drive modernization at Labor, CIO says

The unprecedented investment in IT and cybersecurity resources have provided agencies like the Department of Labor with a historic opportunity to tackle some of their loftiest modernization plans.

Labor Department moves toward zero trust

Labor Department CISO Paul Blahusch detailed how his agency ramped up its implementation efforts around zero trust in recent months, from establishing an entirely new team to proposing a project for the Technology Modernization Fund.

Agencies have proposed more than $2B in TMF projects since new funding was approved

Federal CIO Clare Martorana told a House subcommittee that 108 project proposals have been submitted to the Technology Modernization Fund across 43 agencies, with 75% focusing on cybersecurity since the passage of the American Rescue Plan Act.

TMF could help solve records request backlog for veterans, lawmakers say

A bipartisan group of lawmakers from the House Oversight and Reform Committee wants the National Archives and Records Administration to apply for funding from the Technology Modernization Fund to modernize its IT systems and clear its backlog of 500,000 records requests from veterans.

House panel trims Biden's TMF ambitions

A funding bill passed out of committee on Thursday pegs $50 million for the Technology Modernization Fund – far less than the $500 million sought by the Biden administration.

Federal CIO says cybersecurity is a top priority for new TMF projects

Recently installed Federal CIO Clare Martorana said on Tuesday that the government was looking for cybersecurity upgrades and digital services as key focus areas in allocating the $1 billion addition to the Technology Modernization Fund included in the American Rescue Plan Act.

TMF payback rules relaxed for cyber upgrades, pandemic response

Biden administration officials announced on Tuesday that payback requirements will be relaxed for some projects funded by the recent $1 billion addition to the Technology Modernization Fund. Administrators want urgently needed upgrades that help respond to the pandemic or improve the cybersecurity of federal agencies.

Former CIO urges lawmakers to relax TMF paybacks

The $1 billion boost to the Technology Modernization Fund can help agencies, but some changes to strict payback rules will help CIO shops get started on much-needed modernization.

Industry groups call for TMF reforms following funding boost

The groups' call for changes to how the government operates the modernization fund echoes concerns that multiple former CIOs voiced to FCW this month in interviews.

TMF to fund Labor Dept. data project

The Technology Modernization Fund doled out its first project of 2021 the day after getting $1 billion in the Biden administration's Rescue Plan legislation.

Biden signs Rescue bill, boosting TMF and adding pandemic leave for feds

The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act was signed into law on Thursday. In addition to a massive influx of funding to support Americans harmed by the economic fallout of the pandemic, there is funding available for IT modernization and provision to help the federal workforce cope with COVID-19.

House passes Rescue package with TMF funding

The $1.9 trillion bill is aimed at Americans suffering financial hardships from the pandemic, but in the federal IT community, the bill will be remembered for the dramatic expansion of the Technology Modernization Fund.

TMF set to receive $1B infusion in COVID relief bill

Former federal IT leaders told FCW that the boost for the Technology Modernization Fund is welcome, but the big money may necessitate process changes.