VA could give MS Office the boot

Office is the government's dominant productivity suite, but the Veterans Affairs department would like to find a less expensive alternative.

DC ranks in top 10 cities that support formal telework policies

A Microsoft survey ranks the nation's capital seventh in supporting formal telework programs.

Supreme Court hears Microsoft's argument for patent reform

After losing a judgment to i4i over its use of XML in Word, the company wants to lower the bar for disproving a patent

Are 'consumptive' tablets like the iPad just a fad?

A Microsoft exec basically called iPads a fad last week, saying there might not be "a persistent market" for "consumptive" tablets. The Mobile Platform asks: Is there really any such thing as a consumptive tablet?

Justice, USPTO file briefs opposing Microsoft's bid to change the burden of proof in patent challenges

The federal government joined "friend of the court" filings opposing Microsoft appeal to change the burden of proof in patent challenges.

Nokia jumps from burning platform straight into the arms of Microsoft

Nokia and Microsoft announced that the companies will form a partnership where Windows Phone 7 will power all of Nokia's high-end smart phones and work together on a mobile road map.

Officials urge vendor-neutral IT purchases

Officials have reminded agency purchasers about value-neutral IT purchases after a federal judge ruled that the Interior Department decided to buy software from Microsoft while other capable companies were interested in the work.

Google wins: Interior forbidden to award noncompetitive contract to Microsoft

Interior Department officials began considering awarding a contract to Microsoft too early in the contracting process, judge writes.

Upgrading to Office 2010 has its 'pitfalls,' report finds

IT organizations need to plan for Office 2010 upgrades, which may require setting up user support aids and addressing file compatibility issues beforehand, according to a new report by Forrester Research.

Microsoft Office vulnerable to hackers

Public availability of a successful exploit could lower the bar for attacking Microsoft Office through malicious RTF Word files, allowing remote execution of malware, security experts say.

Tech innovation outpaces government's desire to change

Google's dispute with Interior is just a symptom of a much larger problem: The government still resists change, writes Chris Bronk.

PowerPoint: Your guide to loving it, hating it or leaving it

FCW cartoonist and blogger John Klossner provides some handy tips for loving PowerPoint -- or for getting more time to spend with your family.

Google sues Interior over cloud RFQ

Google and a cloud partner have sued the government alleging that an Interior Department RFQ unfairly excludes Google.

Microsoft: Java worse than PDF as security threat

Java should be considered a top software security threat, even more so than Adobe PDF files, according to Microsoft's announcement issued today.

Attacks starting on newly announced Windows vulnerability

Microsoft issued a new security advisory about a vulnerability in the encryption system used with ASP.NET.

Can we fight cyber crime like the Untouchables fought Capone?

Recent successful legal action against the Waledac botnet offers some hope that lawyers might succeed where technology has failed in the war against cyber crime.