Mobile and Wireless

What comes after Networx?

The next federal telecom contract will focus on mobility, cloud and flexibility.

Arlington Cemetery developing smartphone app

Visitors to Arlington Cemetery will soon have a virtual tour app to show them around.

A faster, better, cheaper way to do high-tech procurement?

Some experts question whether RFP-EZ is the right way to go about fixing the government’s IT procurement problems.

Should DOD be taking more risks with mobility?

DOD's intrinsic risk aversion challenges its ability to stay current with mobile capabilities, and some of its leaders believe it's time to rethink that caution.

How RIM's fortune could affect your BlackBerry

The maker of the popular BlackBerry is on the financial ropes. What does it mean for feds?

GAO, OMB chart IT reform progress differently

GAO warns the Obama administration that it risks losing momentum in its IT reforms by declaring work completed too early.

BYOD: Trend or trivia?

Is 'bring your own device' the next big thing for government or is it just a fad?

NAVAIR plans 4G cell service for amphibious group

The Naval Air Systems Command plans to leverage commercial cellular technology to test the broadband communications capability aboard three ships in 2013.

Is the government ready for a mobile transformation?

Federal mobility is going to require a shift in attitudes and approaches throughout the government.

What's new about the new iPad?

It's not called the "iPad 3," but it features some significant upgrades under the hood and on the screen.

Interior creates system for employee mobile device connection

The Interior Department is encouraging its workers to use their own mobile devices to connect with the department's time and attendence system on its network.

Survey: More feds choose telework for the time savings, not work-life balance

Also: Employees, managers have different opinions about management acceptance of telework.

DOD's Android effort begins to bear fruit

DOD's embrace of the Android operating system is just getting started. How did it begin?

VA mobile devices to be primarily for clinicians, CIO says

Clinicians and benefits specialists need mobile devices more than other employees, says CIO Roger Baker.

Technology on the outs in 2012

Some technology standbys will get their walking papers this year.