Mobile Apps

Got an app for that? For combat vets, the answer is yes.

Mobile apps and cutting-edge technology are changing the way we care for our troops -- and maybe, someday, even the general public.

Digital strategy launches great mobility build-out

The government's new digital strategy has ambitious plans for managing the rollout of mobile technology -- some say too ambitious.

DOD balances security, cost and ease in mobility plan

DOD's new mobile strategy intended to 'keep DOD workforce relevant' through a comprehensive approach to the technologies.

Not an app for that? One moment.

The Army's training program in app writing has proven successful.

GAO, OMB chart IT reform progress differently

GAO warns the Obama administration that it risks losing momentum in its IT reforms by declaring work completed too early.

Choosing a mobile development strategy for your agency

Here are some of the pros and cons of native vs. Web-based apps.

For wounded warriors, mobile apps can offer life-saving impact

New mobile apps help troops returning from combat deal with PTSD, find jobs, seek medical care -- and stay connected to buddies still in harm's way.

Energy launches apps contest

This competition challenges the American developer community to build apps that help consumers get the most out of their utility data.

Micropurchases can smooth path to mobile

Federal agencies who want to get their feet wet with mobile might want to try buying a prototype for under $3,000, says a federal acquisition expert.

VA looking for mobile apps in innovation contest

The Veterans Affairs Department announced a new round of industry competition to develop applications and solutions for the department.

Army launches app store prototype

New marketplace has small number of apps for now, more to come.

EPA puts mobile first under new policy

Environmental agency will develop sites and tools for mobile devices first, traditional computers later, CIO says.

VA teams up with Jon Bon Jovi on apps contest

Homeless vets are about to get some star-powered help from New Jersey rocker.

NASA helps launch Angry Birds Space game

NASA is going into outer space again -- on smartphones and tablet computers -- in collaboration with a game developer.

What's new about the new iPad?

It's not called the "iPad 3," but it features some significant upgrades under the hood and on the screen.