Mobile Devices

Can new mobile government plans overcome old problems?

Federal agencies are rolling out a host of mobile strategies, but will it be enough to overcome decades-old challenges?

DOD balances security, cost and ease in mobility plan

DOD's new mobile strategy intended to 'keep DOD workforce relevant' through a comprehensive approach to the technologies.

VA may have bent the rules for iPads, iPhones

The Veterans Affairs Department approved iPhones and iPads for its network last year while partially avoiding a particular FISMA requirement, according to a new audit.

DHS virtualization project could lead to mobility strategy

The Homeland Security Department is trying out a virtual desktop strategy, and if it successful it could form the basis for mobility as well.

Choosing a mobile development strategy for your agency

Here are some of the pros and cons of native vs. Web-based apps.

BYOD catches CIOs off guard

Surveys suggest that federal employees are using personal devices at work, yet most agencies lack policies and tools for managing the risks involved.

Most public sector IT workers see benefits in mobile tech, survey says

Government IT professionals see many benefits for their agencies from the growth in mobile technologies, including more innovation and creativity, according to a new survey.

DHS field agents to transition to mobile devices within 5 years

Homeland Security Department CIO Richard Spires outlined plans for upgrading law enforcement technologies and systems at the department.

New trends emerge in mobile devices, social media

LinkedIn is up, Facebook is falling and BlackBerry is hanging on in new report.

Is mobile security a losing game?

The government faces a new technology threat in mobile security.

Forget mobile-device strategy: Here's a better way.

As federal managers struggle to get a handle on mobile devices, speakers at a FOSE panel offer another approach.

USDA conservation corps to go mobile and add Web tools

The USDA wants to improve customer service for its thousands of conservationists who work in the field, according to a recently released plan.

NASA helps launch Angry Birds Space game

NASA is going into outer space again -- on smartphones and tablet computers -- in collaboration with a game developer.

BYOD is either a hit or a flop at most agencies, survey shows

MeriTalk released a new survey of federal IT managers indicating several trends with the use of mobile devices in the federal workplace.

Survey shows feds still favor laptops over smart phones, tablets

The majority of government workers are using laptops in their work more than any other device.

Is the laptop about to be obsolete in agencies?

The rising popularity of tablet computers could consign older tech to the dustbin, analyst argues.

VA mobile devices to be primarily for clinicians, CIO says

Clinicians and benefits specialists need mobile devices more than other employees, says CIO Roger Baker.