Mobile Tech

DISA strategic plan focuses on enterprise, cybersecurity and efficiencies

The latest document is part of a new, multi-layered planning methodology for DISA.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission gives tablet PCs a test run

Armed with lessons from other government agencies and strategies from OMB, the NRC is trying on tablets for size -- with some reservations.

Assessing the digital campaign: Obama vs. Romney

As the 2012 presidential race heads into the home stretch, one of the contenders has taken a lead in the smart use of technology -- but both have room to improve.

Tech needs to keep same pace at work as home, feds say

Feds are excited about technology, but a majority wish the products at work could keep up with the changes in technology in their personal lives.

5 strategies for taking telework to new heights

The latest technologies and refinements to managerial best practices offer new opportunities for improving and extending telework programs.

Digital government push fuels BYOD adoption

Agencies considering a policy for employees to bring their own devices now have a toolkit as aid.

Industry members laud Digital Government Strategy

The framework to transform the government to better suit 21st-century needs gets nods from private-sector IT professionals.

Citizens provide guidance for Commerce's digital government efforts

Officials at the Commerce Department asked the public for ideas on what to focus on in implementing the federal digital strategy, and the replies are coming in.

Census offers real-time peeks into economy

A new mobile app provides key statistics on U.S. financial matters and trends.

How BYOD is helping one agency ease the pain of budget cuts

A careful analysis led the EEOC to find a few simple adjustments to make up for lost funds. Here's how they did it.

Prediction: One fourth of federal websites to be mobile-friendly in a year

A GSA official believes agencies are making steady progress at optimizing data for mobile devices, predicting a 'giant step forward' soon.

How DHS is tackling the Digital Government Strategy

The "workplace as a service" program that DHS will debut this fall is just one of several innovative forays into digital government at the department.

Poll reveals top 4 mobility headaches

Mobile devices, while widely popular, come with challenges. The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project has identified four of the most common ones.

Feds see IT as cost, not opportunity

More federal executives say streamlining and modernizing business processes is a bigger priority than IT.

US not ready for cyberattack, NSA director warns

Legislation, partnership with industry are critical to bolster underpowered U.S. cyber defenses, according to the Cyber Command's chief.

Is mobility the key to DOD’s future?

Mobile devices have quickly become an important defense asset, and now the department is looking to a mobile future.

Digital center opens, part of Obama's digital strategy

The Obama administration has launched a center intended to help foster a more mobile-friendly, customer-centric government, with a new leader at the helm.