National Science Foundation

NSF seeks cyber infrastructure to make sense of scientific data

The National Science Foundation has tapped a research team at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill to develop a national data infrastructure that would help future scientists share research.

NSF unveils plan to spur workplace flexibility, STEM careers

More work/life balance is in the works for NSF researchers and scientists.

Radio Free Science: NSF's new Web-based stream offers science news

The National Science Foundation has introduced a new Web-based continuous radio programming stream called Science360 Radio.

SETI stops listening for alien signals

The radio telescope array that was scanning the skies for signals from alien civilizations has stopped listening.

NSF urges lawmakers to back use of better science data

Officials worry about measuring the direct benefits of federal scientific research spending.

Grassley questions NSF's efforts to keep employees off adult Web sites

Employees at the National Science Foundation are accessing adult Web sites and not being disciplined, a whistleblower alleges.

Agencies to measure effects of science spending

The White House and two agencies will start collecting data on federal spending's effects on science.

Supercomputer tapped for 3D models of oil spill

The National Science Foundation has made an emergency allocation of 1 million compute-hours on a supercomputer used at the Texas Advanced Computing Center at the University of Texas to create 3-D models of the spreading oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Agencies sponsor $12M IT innovation contest

Organizations can compete on six teams for the best innovations in smart grid, IT infrastructure and green technology.

House bill targets Internet censorship

Legislation in the House would require the National Science Foundation to set up a foundation to fund programs to defeat Internet censorship.

Feds could get access to advanced cloud-computing technologies

Microsoft and National Science Foundation team up to provide cloud-computing tools to certain users.

House votes to boost cybersecurity research, education

The House today passed a bill designed to improve reseach, development, education, and standards related to cybersecurity.

U.S. investment in global research and development falls

North America funded 35 percent of the global research and development in 2007, according to a new report from the National Science Board.

The great cybersecurity star search

A consortium of private and government organizations has launched a program of competitions and educational opportunities for young people to build the next-generation cybersecurity workforce.

House passes bills on technology, science

The House has approved bills designed to strengthen federal agencies' cooperation on international science and technology research and on domestic science education.

Final stimulus bill keeps billions for IT

Major IT programs survived and thrived in the final version of the stimulus bill set to go before the House and Senate later today.

Bills duel over billions for broadband or health IT

The Senate Appropriations Committee's version of the economic stimulus package would spend $9 billion for broadband networks and $5 billion for health IT; the House panel's version has $6 billion for broadband and $20 billion for health IT.