Researchers knock part of the Internet offline

A university software experiment accidentally shut down a small part of the Internet last week.

Top IT security concerns voiced in survey

Network breaches represent the foremost nightmare scenario for IT pros, according to a new industry report by Amplitude Research, which recorded the responses of 353 network or systems administrators.

FCC assesses impact of Comcast ruling on National Broadband Plan

The net-neutrality ruling will affect the plan, which is intended to expand broadband access in the nation, and the FCC is trying to determine just how big a blow it is.

Put your broadband connection to the test

FCC adds tools to broadband plan Web site that can show you whether you're getting the speed you're paying for. Here's how to find out.

Time is running out for aging Windows apps

Microsoft warns that Windows XP Service Pack 2, Vista RTM, Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 won't be supported much longer, according to the lifecycle support blog.

Bill would make P2P software a no-no for fed systems

Popular, commercially available file-sharing programs would be generally banned from federal systems under a bill proposed in the House.

GAO says more planning needed for DHS emergency communications

The Homeland Security Department should beef up plans for key officials to communicate when networks go down, GAO recommends.