How the shutdown affects open data

Developers rely on government data to build public-facing apps and services, and a lapse in appropriations can make things complicated.

Why acquisition management is the SENSR project's secret weapon

Getting four agencies to share spectrum and combine their radar systems is a massive undertaking. Settling on a single acquisition management system makes it much more manageable.

Mapping our changing coastline

Congress is looking to boost an ongoing project to aggregate U.S. coastal mapping data.

Storm aid could push debt, shutdown deadline to December

The emergency appropriations package for hurricane Harvey could let lawmakers punt budget and debt deals to the end of 2017, with the next shutdown threat coming in mid-December.

How cloud can take open data to new heights

By removing the storage and transmission barriers, agencies are seeing the use of their datasets explode.

White House funds federal spectrum study

OMB funds research on how to consolidate multiple federal radar capabilities to free up government-owned spectrum for the commercial market.

Trump's pick for Commerce talks tech

Wilbur Ross, the Department of Commerce secretary-designate, discussed IT-intensive components of Commerce -- including cybersecurity, spectrum allocation, broadband accessibility and Census operations -- at his Senate confirmation hearing.

Consolidation could be coming to federal radar

Multiple agencies are participating in an FAA-led bid to optimize spectrum use for aircraft and weather surveillance. takes wing

Steve Kelman contends that a recent report on agencies' prize challenges tells only half the success story.

Launch delay won't open weather data gap, NOAA says

NOAA bumped the launch of a key weather data collection satellite to October 2016, but the agency doesn't anticipate a gap in weather forecast data because of the change.

At NOAA, there's gambling at Rick's

NOAA's recently revealed reprogramming of funds should come as a shock to no one, says Alan Balutis.

NOAA's innovative climate website gets cutback in House

House lawmakers approved only a single cutback to the proposed Commerce and Justice department budgets this week, targeting a new climate website.

NOAA makes magic solicitation disappear

Faster than you can say 'abracadabra,' NOAA withdrew a solicitation for a stage magician to appear at an employee event.

Virtual worlds emerge within agencies

Having cut their teeth in Second Life, agencies are increasingly building their own virtiual environments.

Finding the hidden value in shared IT services

Shared IT services can help shift focus from infrastructure to mission, says NOAA CIO.

Obama reorganization could affect at least 12 agencies

White House consolidation plan is more expansive than the six agencies first identified.

National Weather Service in dispute over privatization of mobile app development

Has the National Weather Service gone too far in allowing private developers to lead the way in developing mobile apps for weather data?