DHS official: 'We're not Consumer Reports'

The Department of Homeland Security sees its role in supply chain security as providing risk management advice, not a buying guide.

Senate OKs creation of new DHS cyber agency

The long-sought promotion of the National Protection and Programs Directorate was approved by the Senate on Oct. 3.

Should DHS do more with DMARC data?

A 2017 cybersecurity directive is providing DHS with a flood of data on hackers attempting to penetrate federal systems through fake emails, but thus far the agency has not articulated a plan for using the information.

Nielsen pushes CISA, drone authorities

The Homeland Security chief called on Congress to operationalize its cyber arm and give the agency the authority to defend critical infrastructure against drones.

NPPD flies (and lowers) the flag

Proclamations directing agencies to fly flags at half-staff come from an unexpected corner of DHS.

DHS ramps up supply chain security efforts

A new DHS study looks to light the way to actionable supply chain security solutions for telecommunications infrastructure.

New DHS center to address cyber gaps

Collectively, cyber threats and their possible consequences are a bigger threat than 9/11-style attacks, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen argued as she unveiled a new National Risk Management Center to combat them.

DHS cyber chief says the election system 'works,' is resilient to tampering

Christopher Krebs, Homeland Security’s undersecretary for the National Protection and Programs Directorate, said that while Russia stole voter data during the 2016 election, vote tallies were not hacked.

New CDM bill aims for flexibility, newer tech

Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) introduced legislation designed to give the Department of Homeland Security more flexibility to implement and share a key cybersecurity program with partner agencies.

Senate approves Krebs to lead NPPD

After running the operation for almost a year, the temporary head of the National Protection and Programs Directorate is set to be sworn in as the group's official director.

DHS cyber shop continues to push rebrand

The National Protection and Programs Directorate wants to change its name to match its focus on cross-cutting infrastructure threats.

Agencies poised to hit CDM dashboard goal

Activity around a critical federal cybersecurity program is heating up, with DHS and Congress hoping to see major progress on key goals by summer 2018.

DHS releases cyber strategy

The five-year policy plan articulates the Department of Homeland Security's cyber role as almost entirely defensive.

Senator freezes DHS cyber nominee over Stingray info

Sen. Ron Wyden wants info on use of rogue cell-tracking Stingray devices in the nation's capital before he'll confirm a new cybersecurity leader at the Department of Homeland Security.

Senate turf wars are stalling DHS cyber re-org, lawmaker says

Legislation to rename and reorganize the National Protection and Programs Directorate is meeting resistance from other lawmakers and committees concerned about their oversight purviews.

Senator pushes for answers on scope of 2016 Russia voting probes

A DHS official acknowledged that more than 21 states could have been targeted by Russian hackers in the lead-up to the 2016 election.

U.S. and U.K. say Russia targeted network infrastructure worldwide

U.S. and British officials call out another Kremlin-backed cyber campaign, this time targeting routers, switches and other network devices used by governments, ISPs and critical infrastructure entities.